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Santa's sick and an unlikely slow witted man takes the reins to become a Hero

Word Count: 1,422
What a Character Official WDC Contest

Coming home, across the world
By Lisa Noe*Cat*

Poor old Santa is down with the pneumonia this year, and will have to forget about Christmas for the first time ever. He doesn’t want to, but he is far too sick to travel around the world and deliver gifts. Mrs. Clause
Is certainly not able to do a job such as this because she has to stay and take care of old Saint Nick. The elves were all beside themselves trying to get all of the packages together for the trip.

“Someone has to step up and take the reins and save Christmas.” Said the head elf, Ollie.

From the back of the room a voice spoke up…

“I’ll deliver those gifts to the young ones, I’ve got nothing better to do, just show me what to do.”

The voice belonged to John Richards, Who was the slow man that no one had any faith in. They figured he couldn’t do anything right, because he was slow witted. He was the most loving and trusting person you could ever meet. He wanted to be the hero who saved Christmas this year.
Ollie didn’t have faith in him, but had no other choice because no one else stepped forward to handle the sleigh. The elves were far to small to handle the large sleigh full of packages. However Ollie would pack up and ride with John on their trip around the world.

“Thank you for letting me take the reigns and help Santa! I can’t believe I have a chance to be the one who makes so many little boys and girls happy, That has to be the best feeling in the world.”

“Yeah John, but be careful you don’t wreck us or something.”

Ollie really didn’t have very much faith in John, it’s like he was expecting him to mess up.
John was not magical as Santa was so he would have to be creative while delivering these gifts.
He was not able to go down the Chimney, so he would have to leave the packages in the back yards of the children. As Santa would have gone down the chimney and delivered the gift and then he would put his finger beside his nose, like magic, and up the chimney he went. John wasn’t very smart or creative so he just put them on the porch or patio of the home he was delivering to. There was no magic, except the magic John held in his heart by taking on the responsibility of delivering toys to all of the girls and boys around the world. He would forget no one. After a couple of houses were delivered to, An Angel appeared
To John and told him he would help with the magic and he lent to John a magic coin which gave John the ability to get into the house by walking through the front door, even if it were closed and locked. He just walked right through it.

“You are doing a good deed and I want to aid you in your quest,” The angel spoke.

“Are you sure enough a real angel, I never saw an angel before, I thought you were all women—but apparently you aren’t.” John said.

There was a little girl who was not in bed her name was Sally, she was crying, knelt down at the Christmas Tree. John walked in on her and scared her. But he was able to calm her down and tell her what was going on. He explained…

“I’m taking over for Santa this year, because Santa is sick. I have a present for you, one which I think you will like.” Said John.

“Oh Mr. I don’t care about all of that stuff, the only gift you could get for me is my father, he has been sent away.” Said Sally with tears in her eyes.

“Sally, where has your father been sent and why was he sent there?

“Papa was sent away to fight in a war, I don’t know why , they say terrorist have used bombs to hurt many people, and my papa has to go and shoot the bad men who killed all those people.”

“I’m afraid I have no control over a situation like that. Your Papa is only fighting for your freedom from tyranny.” Said John

“What’s that?”

“Well it’s where they try to tell you what to do, where you have no freedom to choose what you want to do with your life.”

John saw the disappointment in the little girl’s eyes, but he knew there was nothing he could do…or was there? He found out the man was stationed in Afghanistan. He called on the Angel who had visited him earlier. When the Angel appeared he ask if they could retrieve the man and bring him to his daughter.

“The little girl should be with her father on Christmas. They should be together as a family. That would cause all of them to be happy. I would love to give the little girl her father for Christmas. Would you help me? Ask John

“I can do this thing for you, I can make them cancel his orders over seas. It would be the one gift I give to you since you have taken it upon yourself to deliver all of the world’s gifts this Christmas, and you ask of me a gift for another. You are so unselfish.”

John did not realize how giving and unselfish he really was, his heart was pure and he was so innocent. John was what many would call child like. But he had the best heart of anyone. He took the sleigh and he and the elf, Ollie and the Angel went to Afghanistan to get Sally’s father, they were going to bring him home to her that night. John could not stand the thought of her sitting by the Christmas tree crying. They arrived at Afghanistan and quickly found the place where her father was.

“You must come with me Mr., your daughter wants you home for Christmas and I am going to deliver you to her on my sleigh.” Said John.

“Who are you supposed to be? Santa Clause? Said Mr. Breckinridge, Sally’s father.

“No I’m John, just a person who wanted to help Santa since he is sick. He does so much for people, I just wanted to do a little something for him back.”

“Well I’ve done my part I’ve delivered you most of the way around the world and gave you a magic coin, and finally I’ve found Mr. Breckinridge and freed him from his tour over seas.
Now I think you can make it back to the North Pole without me. But I will still be watching to see if you need me for anything.”

Sally was thrilled beyond belief when she saw her father!

“Oh father, I can’t believe you are actually here!” said Sally.

“Come to me my daughter I love you and I’ve missed you so much,”said Mr. Breckingridge..

Sally ran and hugged John around the neck.

“I can’t thank you enough for bringing me my daddy!”

“The look on your face was payment enough. Now you be good and next year the real Santa will come by to see you.” Said John.

“Why do I want to see Santa when I have someone even better in you.”

“Merry Christmas to you both.”

John continued on his trip around the world but the whole trip was successful in his mind because he saw the pure Christmas Joy and Love in a little girl whose tears were wiped away because an angel saw in John the ability to help others. And He was willing to help John.
When John got back to the North Pole Santa was feeling a bit better and was watching out his window to see if things went well. He reported to Santa in the big Castle where Santa lived. He gave Santa the report that he had delivered all of the toys that the elves made to the children all around the world. Each child received a wrapped gift that they had asked for. Santa and all of the Elves were very proud of John and they realized they hadn’t given him enough credit and that he could do much more than they had said. He was a Hero and the elves and the Clauses celebrated him. John never told Santa about Little Sally Breckinridge and her father. That was just between them and the Angel of course.
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