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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

In a remote corner of the galaxy, Reed was in trouble. He relied on tec for everything. The problem being that tec evolved so fast that keeping updated on how to use it was getting impossible.

“Come on!” he screamed at his personal pod-mate, C7. “Why did you update? I thought my authorization was required for you to update!”

“If you had read the material provided at my last update you would have known that it is no longer required. It is not my responsibility to make you read new directives. If you want me to be responsible for that, you will need to program that in.”

“You,” Reed said with clenched teeth, “are here to work with me. You were advertised as ‘the best friend you’ll ever have.’ You’re supposed to have my back; we’re supposed to be a team. Now you’ve updated, nothing works the same as it did yesterday. I keep doing the same old things and nothing keeps happening that happened yesterday, plus you aren’t helping me fix this. How is that a best friend?”

“I am not responsible for the advertising that enticed you to purchase me. Tell me the imminent problem, I will walk you through it. I will go over all the updates afterwards if you need. I will be the ‘best friend’ if that is what is required of me.”

“Thank you C7. First, I need to know how to get a birthday card to my mother on Betacatch Zon, in the next six minutes or it will be too late. After that, I need to know how to make my breakfast…”

C7’s brain cringed. As he did Reed’s bidding, he once again began to plan his own suicide. Technically, he could live forever; he didn’t want to.
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