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by K.HBey
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A dialogue between the fairy and a child about the beauty of the world the will to live.
Like a soften balsam, touching the burning tears of the child; her fairy hands, embalming miraculously this heart, like a casket, full of grief.
The child becomes cheerful; his eyes scintillate of an innate happiness because of being loved.
She says, never see behind you and don't worry because tomorrow you will see a marvelous world destined for you, you will be a king.

You will command alone this world emerging from an endless source of an eternal hope and a fountain of a grandiose happiness.
There the earth is a carpet of diversified flowers with color shades that you have never known and smelling mixed perfumes made of amber, jasmine, musk and rose.
Everywhere you will see birds and butterflies getting very nice colors adding beauty to these surroundings.
Many fountains, water streams and sinuous rivers are drawn on the earth. From these waters are reflected colored rainbow rays; chapped like colored ribbons, sent to the sky, which gives a whole view of two sealed worlds of both celestial and earthly.
Yes, I will bring you to this world in where life is eternal, free from bitterness, grief and full of love.

This smooth and tender balsam which cure every pain, arises from this woman's hands, flows like a fresh air, like a morning dew which is gifted to erase all the grieves.
From her eyes getting a deep and far sight, scintillates a sparkling dazzling light, sowing stars of happiness. In these eyes, there is the paradise.

She says; Tomorrow we will go together to this sky where planets in spirals are organized in galaxies, travel on orbits in cascades to break up the space darkness by throwing torches light .There, where the space synchronizes suitably with time. There, there are no clocks which arrest time. There, the space does not know fences, infinite in its greatness, with its coordinate, time is also infinite. From this space you will see the great blue and the more you realize the greatness of this world the more you will notice the smallness of this world.

Yes tomorrow you will be a king; your heart will beat wiggling of love, joy and happiness because of your exploits that you will realize. These exploits emanate from your infernal will and your courage made from iron. These prominent exploits and thanks to your unique genius will let a mark carved in the time. They will amaze the world by illuminating their life of happiness.

Yes you will command like a king and will pierce surely the glory and success world .And when death will carry me, your mother will stay alive in your memory in order to lead you.
Tomorrow you will command like a king a world which even though is great but malleable between your hands.
The life will be yours even your inherited blindness.

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