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A poem/lyrics about a guy who has traveled down some rough roads.

" Rusted Out "

I got a rusted out bumper
on a worn out Dodge.
There's an old motorcycle
in the back of my garage.

Coyotes on the hedge row
are howlin' at the moon
and the north wind's blowin'
the snow will be here soon.

Now the cold rain's a fallin'
and leakin' through the slats.
The screen door's a slammin'
like a bull whip cracks.

My old shack is fallin' down,
the roof is leakin bad.
I'll get around to fixin' it,
the situation's sad.

My tired back is aiken'
and feelin' pretty sore.
My hound dog's a layin'
by the back porch door.

There's some would call me lazy
but most would never dare
and some might say I'm crazy
though no one seems to care.

I traveled down a wicked road
and never saw the light.
The wild seed that I have sowed
still haunts me every night.

So, no my friend there is no end
to troubles and their sorrows
and in the end it's you and them
that shape the new tomorrows.

Finch the light
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