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Morning musings as I savor the quiet.
I am in the "in between time" of the day. Between when I awake and when the activity of the day begins. There is a span of dark quiet that lends me to imagine that a small little sliver of an extra day has been slipped into the natural order of things. It's easy for me to float away to another time and place as I read. The leftover darkness of the night, still black and deep, feels like a cloak that I can pull closer around me allowing me to settle deeper still into my imagination.
The Cimmeran sky is the perfect back drop on which I can project the images that emerge as I read. I enjoy this alternate universe. There is an ease that I find here, and I savor it.

Oh, how I savor it, and will it to permeate my being so that I can carry this "piece of quiet" with me throughout the day! But even now, outside thoughts begin to rudely intrude. Thoughts of "Remember This", "You Need To Do That", and other assorted, currently unwelcome cogitation filters in. I want to sit and soak in the dream-like quality but sense it evaporating in the face of reality. The one comfort I carry with me from this cozy spot is that I can return to it each morning if I choose.
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