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There's someone waiting ... isn't there?
How Can I Miss You?

The sun spreads its arms in a morning embrace
though the air remains cool, with just a trace
of the heat that day will soon quickly accrue.

I wonder if somewhere, as you begin to arise,
thoughts of me still drift before your eyes
as you reach for the empty place next to you.

You question the image that steals from your dreams
and wonder if it is as real as it seems
or just a reflection of lingering needs.

The day collapses on me. I become distracted
yet moments of time are somehow refracted
into quiet pools where the clamor recedes.

In a touch of perfume or the faint lilt of voices
I feel your presence and my heart rejoices,
warmed by thoughts of your being near.

After the long day, I sit on the porch
watching the sky, each star a bright torch,
shining a message of hope that is clear.

In my reverie, I know that we share
this moment in time. Yet I am aware
that we’re just shadows that wait, patiently.

How can I miss someone I have not found?
As I ask the question, I look around
and know that you’re there waiting for me.

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Round 9 entry for "Write from the Heart
Prompt: Unexpected Love
Line Count: 24
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