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by Viji
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A tribute to all every man who respects women, who enlightens every woman's soul.
This girl from a city in south India is almost 19 years old. She is currently in search of a voice, in search of truth, in search of what the world is. Having born into an orthodox family and having grown up in a society which values culture, tradition and archaic principles, she has always been guided and protected by people around her. She is asked to be careful every single day as she steps out of her house. She becomes totally frustrated when someone says.." Beta, You are a girl, You have to go and live with your husband and in-laws after marriage. So better learn to be flexible .All these feminist dialogues are not going to take you anywhere". Sometimes, she feels completely out of place just because she feels that she is a modern, revolutionary woman". All these crimes against women make her feel that all men are swines. She calls herself a feminist.
She gradually develops hatred for men. She yearns to be independent. This hunger for liberty, safety, independence sometimes blinds her with arrogance and anger. Yet, at the end of the day, she wants her dad to say that he loves her with all his heart. She still wants her brother to scold her for her mistakes.She also wants her male friends to talk,laugh and fight with her. At some point, she realises that grudging all men is taking her nowhere. Defining all men with some lame parameters based on those male chauvinists isn't fair. She begins to understand all those curfew are not to suppress her, but to protect her. Yet she knows that she will be allowed to follow her dreams because she is a fighter.
With all those feelings, she realises what real feminism is. Feminism(actually, humanism) is not about independence. It is completely about accepting the fact that all of us are dependent on people for love, care and moral support.She could not imagine her life without her father, brother and such lovely friends who have never judged her, who have always respected her.
This rebel finally stops blaming all the men and starts feeling grateful for everything and everyone she has got.She has now got more energy to fight with the love of such great people who have enlightened her life with bliss against all odds.
One indian girl!
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