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Three guys on Halloween night, and a mansion. I think you know where this is going.
The Mansion on Brookwood

         One foggy Halloween night, three guys decided to play truth or dare. Mike dared Jim to stuff as many chocolate bars in his mouth as he possibly can. So Jim did so, almost choking on them. Now it was Mike's turn, Jason asked Mike, " Truth or Dare?" Mike thought about it and picked truth. Jason gave a snobby smile," Do you like Jessica Mariez?" Mike blushed and punched Jason in the shoulder, " Heck no, man! Gross!" Now it was Jason's turn, he picked dare. Jim looked around, not sure what to do, but then as if a light bulb went off in his head, he looked at Jason with a creepy smile, " Jason, I dare you. . . to go into the mansion on Brookwood Street!"
          Jason stopped smiling, and his face paled. The mansion on Brookwood Street was the scariest, most creepiest house in town. Everyone swore it was haunted, and no one ever went in there. Rumors spread, and apparently there once lived a strange family that did Satanic rituals inside that house. Until, one night, the father suddenly killed his whole family, even the pet dog, and chopped up the bodies with an ax and hid the bodies somewhere in the house. Then when everything was done, the father killed himself! Many priests went to the mansion to exorcise and cleanse the mansion, but every single one was unsuccessful. So with nothing working, they decided to board up the house and put up a sign saying:



         Jason gulped, trying to play it cool, he mumbled, " Nah, let's not do that. Let's do somethin' else." Mike raised an eyebrow and smiled at him, " What? You scared? You Chicken?" His friends started imitating chickens. Jason yelled angrily, " HA! Me, scared? That's impossible, you guys!" he stomped towards the house and opened the gate. The gate was creepy itself, giving off a loud moaning sound. Jason slowly made his way to the door, as he walked he could hear the dead grass crunching under his feet. He walked up on to the steps, and each one made a loud squeaking sound. Before entering he looked inside the window, and he saw a black figure dart across the room. He looks back at his friends who were mocking him saying chicken and laughing. His friends urged him to go in.
         Jason slowly opens the door, making it creak. He walks in and suddenly, the door slams behind him. Jason slowly backs away from the door and then hears snapping under his feet. He looks down at his shoes, He couldn't see what was under his feet because it was so dark. But then, as if the moon heard him, it stared to shine with moonlight, filling the room. To his horror, Jason notices that he's standing on the carcasses of dead animals. Confused, sickened, and terrified, Jason steps over the skeletons and guts of the carcasses. After getting out of the mess, he then realizes all these animals were pets that went missing, never to be seen again.
         Jason slowly and unsure walks around; the only noise he could hear was the sound of his feet on the cold hard ground. All of the sudden, whispers started to ring in the darkness of the mansion saying, "get out, get out, get out" Jason looked around, no one was there. For a split second he saw a man in the corner of the room. But in a blink of an eye, he disappeared. Then, the voices started again. He followed the voices into a room, it looked like the study. He notices a limp figure in the chair. He couldn't see it, so he came closer and closer and closer. The moonlight creeped toward the chair, and revealed a decaying dead corpse. He stumbles backward, only to fall with a loud thud against his head. The voices louder than before scream at him yelling, " GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!" All of a sudden, a gush of wind rushes into the room, spreading papers and dust everywhere! For a split second he notices the man in the corner of the room. Jason runs toward the door, trying not to trip over the bodies and skeletons for he didn't want to become one of them.
         He got to the door and looked back once more. Up on the ceiling, a body hanged, glaring at him with dead eyes. Jason ran outside where his friends were, but as he ran to them an invisible force hit Jason hard in the chest. He quickly stood up with confusion. He slowly reached out his hand, and felt a shock. He staggered back, he started to pant with fear. He pounded on the invisible wall that kept him locked in. "Where is he?" Mike said with worry. "Yeah, it's been half an hour." Jim said. Jason yelled," I'm right here guys!" He waved his hands, he screamed until his voice hurt, he did everything, but couldn't get their attention. Jason started to think about his experiences in the mansion, he realized that he couldn't see any ghosts when he went in, only just sounds. He then realized that he could see them after he fell down. Then, a terrifying thought settled in his mind, he couldn't see the ghosts because he was alive. He realized ghosts can only see ghosts.
Jason was dead. . .

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