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Santa's been gone for a few days and it's the day before Christmas Eve! Where is he?!
Hi! I'm Madison or Madi, as I'm called by the fellow worker elves, and you guessed it. I'm one of Santa's elves!

We here at the North Pole make sure that the naughty/nice list is ready for Santa to read, toys are ready to be wrapped and put in Santa's sleigh and that everyone gets what they asked for. Even if that does mean losing rest hours.

Oh and we also make sure that the cocoa machines are up and runnin'!

Our story begins when all was normal and busy when we heard some elf saying over the Elfcom: "Stop what you're doing! Santa's missing and we need to find him! Christmas Eve is tomorrow and if we don't find him, you know what happens."

Every elf gasps in horror, for us elves that means living in the snow, without jobs! That's a horrible thing for an elf, but when my elf ears are tuned in, there's nothing that can go past this elf!

Instead of going back to work, every elf started talking about the situation at hand, including me and my friends: Charlie, who works in the toy department; Patricia, who helps wrap up gifts and Joshua, who's the head cocoa elf.

"So, whaddya think?" I asked, trying to see if any elf was thinking about what to do.

"I think we should look in Santa's usual places he goes to," Charlie suggested.

"So, every place?" Patricia asked, she began to look a little green.

"Well, not every place."

"Well, that's a relief," Patricia said, her skin turning back to her normal shade of lavender purple.

"So, any further questions?" I asked, not wanting to answer any questions.

"Well..." Charlie started to ask.

"Great! Let's get started!" I jumped up out of my seat and started running towards the toy department.

My friends tried to keep up, but when you're friends with a messenger elf, you have to be really fast in order to keep up.

We worked for hours on end, asking elf after elf about Santa's disappearance, but everyone knew as much as we did.

We told the Head Elf, who's name is Noel—pretty, isn't it?—that we were working on helping with the Missing Santa case.

Thankfully, she let us continue, but we got more lost rest hours.

Finally, we came up with a solution.

"So, here's what we've gotten so far. You, Joshua, think that Santa was kidnapped by Jack Frost and he's never coming back. Patricia, you think that Mrs. Claus is in labor and that's the cause for Santa's absence and Charlie, you think that Santa is just feeling down about something and wants comfort." I looked at my friends and sighed. "So, which solution do we choose?"

Joshua and Patricia started talking over each other.

"Jack Frost."


"Wait guys." Charlie walked over to where I was standing. "I think that we should let Madi choose. She didn't give any of her thoughts. Let her be the judge of what we do."

"Thanks Charlie. Well, it's obvious that I'm not choosing the 'Jack Frost' theory, it's just a little carried away, and the 'pregnancy' theory, just really? She just had baby Jack a couple of weeks ago! So now there's nothing left for me to choose, but the 'comfort' theory. I think Santa needs a big elf hug. What did you think?"

Joshua and Patricia looked at each other and nodded. No arguments coming from either Joshua or Patricia! I was flabbergasted.

I ran to the Head Elf's office, asked for permission to use the Elfcom, and ran to the Elfcom booth, after I got the 'okay' from Noel, of course.

"Ahem! Attention all elf personnel! I have made a decision! I think Santa's spending time alone because he been feeling a little down in the dumps, and it's our job to cheer him up! So grab anything that you know will make St. Nick happy and meet me at Santa's office, pronto!"

"Roger, roger Lt. Dodger!"

"Um, this is actually Madi, the messenger elf, speaking on the Elfcom."


"Gladly, gladly Miss Madi!"

I felt satisfied.

Every elf ran as fast as their little elf legs could go, grabbing everything they knew Santa would love and took to Santa's office.

"Shhhh..." Charlie shushed every elf.

Joshua slowly opened the door, only to find Santa in his favorite rocking chair, asleep.

"Okay," I whispered. "Now every elf needs to be in an orderly fashion. We are going to put our gifts near his rocking chair one by one. You hear me?"

"Roger," They whispered.

"3… 2… 1… Go."

One by one, each gift was put next to Santa's rocking chair and each elf, after they had put down their gift, walked back to their stations and soon, Santa's workshop was busy once again.

Later, Santa woke up, to find piles of presents lying around his rocking chair, and on his right chair arm was a note that read:

'Dear Santa,

We've noticed the lack of trips you have taken to the workshop and we were getting worried. So, we decided to give you some gifts to you, from us. When we see you again, expect to see a mob of elves dashing toward you.

Madi, your messenger; Charlie, one of the toy makers; Patricia, a gift wrapper; Joshua, the Head Cocoa Chef; Noel, the Head Elf and the rest of the elves.
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