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A young woman, alone in the world dreams of paradise while finding her place in the world.
It’s a clear sky. A full bright yellow shining down on a world of beauty, color and peace. The green-blue sea travels on the shore as it tickles the white pure sand. The fish are leaping in play without a worry in the world. The koi with their multicolor markings are swimming with the sea turtles as they play their games. The powerful white sharks are swimming with the killer whales and dolphins. Leaping over each other in rhythm to a new age song.

In the distance on the gray rock mountains, lion cubs are playing with the lambs in peace. Running and jumping under the golden sun. Some of the cubs are lying on the lambs’ soft coats as they sleep under the tropical trees. The white tigers with their stunning blue eyes lying on the soft green grass as the small monkeys are picking at their fur.

The breeze moves in motion as it graces a lackadaisical young woman caramel alluring body in a white elegant bikini. The breeze touches her as a kiss from a lover. Not forceful and not careless, just right. She lays on her back as she uses the white fresh powdery sand as a towel. Her long wavy hair intertwines with the sand. As a tall sturdy palm tree with yellowish-green leaves gives her shade as the coconuts dangle from the tree. She uses her dark sunglasses to protect her eyes as she sunbathes. She smiles. No one is sight, she all alone. A deep sigh releases from her body.
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