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Rated: 18+ · Script/Play · Dark · #2106798
as the final battle ends,a kingdom is born.
Legacy Of nira
episode 6/season 1 finale

last time on Legacy of nira...
show scenes leading up to episide 5

theron-and now young traveler we complete this tale.

theron narraton-as the many races gather to aid the untamed,the heroes venture off upon the back of gustis,the wind god into the final battle.

gustis-everyone hold on.we are on the horizon of the battlefeild.i can sence blood and death.

camera zooms out to see the entire windwalker tribe running in the air alongside gustis

paroth-i dont understand how these warriors can run in the air like this.

gustis-i blessed them with the knoledge to allow the air to be as the ground.there is one final task you heroes must do before facing our foes.i have spoken to Nira thrugh my powers,and she intends to gather you all and the gods at one point so you may be blessed with powers capable of destroying the hunic hordes.

arnatule-but i thought we had already been blessed with-

gustis-no,not fully.it was a test of your will that you all have made it this far,and nira wishies to bestow all our powers unto you all.in the meantime the allies you had made in the past with the dwarves,Draken elves,the windwalkers, and the remaining sarmations are marching to meet the untamd and aid them in battle.one of the sarmations even managed to have hired a hero in exchange for his knights seeking refuge from the roman empire.

young theron-are you saying that sarmation knights wish to join the fight?

gustus-not just any sarmation knights.you will see in due time.for now my windwalkers march onward.-turns off the camera screen as the windwalker tribes race by-

*camera cuts to an open plain as all the elemental gods and heroes gather*

nira-thank you for coming.before we begin we must adress something.-the gods look at young theron-

pyros-i personally object to the idea but we wish to bring siren fourth.summon her.

*young theron nods and summons goddess siren by playing his flute*

goddess siren-well i never thought id see all the elementals in one place.what do yo want?

aquillis-most of us objected to the idea of bestowing you and theron power,but after time and consideration,if you vow to remain in your prision until theron dies,we will grant your wish of him being your gaurdian.

-goddess siren remains silent but with a smile and closed eyes-

aquillis-furthurmore,you will be granted your sisters power.use it wisely in battle.

-goddess siren holds therons hand-

pyros-malgon of the dwarven realm,your brother had courage and leadership.you have the fires of the dwarven flames in your heart.it will burn your foes,for you will earn the power of fire.

aquillis-paroth,although nira gave you a hint of earth power to your people,it was temporary.you are blessed with the powers of water.use it well.

gustus-jennessa,although you and arnatule are meerly observers of this quest,i grant you jennessa with the powers of wind.

luminus-serinah your powers are sacred,and it wasnt easy for me to choose,but i bestow you with the powers of light in order to quell the darkness to come.

nira-arnatule,you have treeated your earth with the highst respect,and im grateful for it.you are given the powers of the earth.

young theron-looks at the gods-and what of me?am i still to be judged or will i bear a power?

*proteus climbs from behind aquillis's back*

proteus-everyone was hesitaint theron,but we have agreed that you will be givn the power of matter.changing into creatures shouldnt be an issue anymore while using the flute.

*meanwhile at the shadow temple*

-camera cuts to the shadow temple-

volnomus-hmmm,i suspect we need a relic of sorts?any ideas archangel?

archangel-using the powers ive learned to unlocking things i think i can manipulate these chains to break.then we can take this idol out to weaken the morale of the untamed.

volnomus-hmph youre saying we should break it?


*archangel extends his hands and uses his abilities to break the chains on the shadow god.*

archangel-three down one to go.*breaks the last chain*

-the dark elemntal god breaks out of its stones and bites archangel in half in all his cerebrus glory-

archangel-*death scream*

danteus-i hunger.who dares enter my realm of shadows?

volnomus kneels before danteus bravely

volnumus-i am volnomus of the hunic clans.my people crave power but we are stopped at every turn by heroes whom enter temples like this one.i demand for freeing you that you serve me.

danteus slams his paw making volnomus tremble from a quake

danteus-i serve NO mortal,NO god.i do what i want to see shadows eclipse the moon in a trail of death.now tell me,what temples do you speak of?was one in a forest?

volnomus-yes,near a mountain region.

danteus-...very well.i would have killed you but given what you say,you will earn my powers. as a bonus for my amusement ill summon the souls of the dead for more allies.

volnomus-th- the dead?

danteus-the dead warriors of ages past will be within my ranks,and will walk the earth as skeletons and husks of my power.

a shadow like arm reaches out to choke volnomis

danteus-be forewarned im allowing you to live as my slave.the next time you demand power be wiling to die for it.

volnomis-*choking*spare me,the pain is too great

danteus-the pain will be a million times worse if you fail me.now,take this book and gaurd a mage im sending you. -a skeletal figure in mage robes appears-he will summon the powers needed to win your petty conquest.

camera cuts back to the heroes glowing different colors.

nira-now the hour is at hand.go,and defeat the dark one.

a white flash of light errupts as the heroes are transported in front of the battle lines as the factions gather.a calvary unit trots up next to the heroes with a man wearing a crown.

king acturius-greetings.im king acturius,ill be supporting your forces against the huns.

young theron-the king of ledgend?wheres merlin?

king acturius-scouting ahead with gallahad. they claim that the enemy is forming in a feild just ahead of us while they skirmish the untamed.merlin reports a possible ritual going on so all the allies are in agreement of a forced march.

paroth-have the men at the ready to follow us in battle.we will spearhead the mission.

-suddenly the sky turns black as the grass all around decays into dust while the army comes into view of the hunic army fighting the untamed. a strong wind pushes everyne over as a massive horde of skeletal warriors rise from the ground and form into an army.the huns keep fighting the untamed as the skeletal army chages in to assist.

king acturious-everyone,battle ready!WEDGE FORMATION!DOUBLE TIME!



young theron-lets see if this works-plays a tune then changes into a dragon-heh this worked better then i thought.i feel the same as i did a elf.

siren-well then dont mind me if i ride ya then babe?

young theron-hah well sure hun just dont play rough with my neck.i might get excited.

siren-sure thing babe -hops on and makes a staff from wood-

serinah-im with you paroth.-runs alongside him as she begin to glow white.-

malgon-im going to support the dwarves,wish me luck.

jennessa-looks like dad sent the hunters guild with the elves.lets go make sure they dont mess up?

arnatule-you betcha.

-a female assassin walks up next to jennessa-

female assassin-ill help scout with my men.the names jade kibata

jennessa-the ledgendary assassin huh?this is gonna be good.

arnatule-who is this again?

jennessa-the boogyman of our mountain villages.a kingslayer for hire.its good to have her working for us.

-camera pans as a massive scale battle sequence begins-


-camera pans out as it follows the calvary circiling around then crashing into the battlefeild camera cuts to malgon and a dwarven general.-

dwarven general-since you are the brother of balgon,i want your opinion.charge straight or march in phalnax formation?

malgon-we charge in and push back ten feet before entering the formation.it will give the calvary help.

dwarvn gneral-heh they arent the only calvary out there....

-dwarven general blows horn as mounted dwarves on wolves charge in from the left side of the battlefeild from a canyon.-

dwarven general-now..let see if the brother of balgon can meet the stone with honor.

malgon-agreed.-glows red a fire comes out of his hands-

-camera pans out to show the dwarven army charge in followed by forming in a phalanx formation.-

-both calvaries clash on the flanks as suddenly a dark shadow envelops the clouds-

danteus:i hunger...more souls...feed me more!

-camera cuts between the heroes and pans around the clouds as giant yelow eyes form in the clouds.-

danteus:yess....im finally back...

-a giant cerebrus forms as it roars ferlessly,sending a massive shockwave throughout the battlefeild.-

-cutscene ensues here all the main characters gather while fighting to kill the cerebrus.malgon dies from a skeleton while paroth is injured by an arrow. arnatule quickly holds out the lifegiver sword and with the help of arnatule and serenah destroys the ceebrus.-

danteus:no... i will not be defeated!

siren:NOW!-extends her hand and makes serinah extend her hand outward-you are now banished by the powers of the elements!

-a golden light occurrs as old theron and brune palagriz sit in therons cave.-

theron:...and thats the way this nation was formed.the dark cerebrus was sealed away,and to ensure history had misinformed future generations,scribes wee hired to tie him into the greek gods.

brune:what happened to the heroes?

theron narration:well serinah and paroth formed an alliance with the dwarves to help construct nira castle. they formed the council of nira.i gaurded the flute that summons siren,and arnatule and jennessa became diplomats of the realm.since then the bloodlines of your families and all those involved have been carefully gaurded by the royal family.

black screen

brune:so what happens now?

theron:the king wishes you go on a mission....

end series,credits roll.
© Copyright 2016 tony bruney (palagriz at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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