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A month to month listing of winners.
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Distorted Minds Contest  (XGC)
Open for the July/August round
#2103204 by warpedsanity

*WaterDrop* January/February 2020
1st "Solace"   by iKïyå§ama and "Blue-Striped Fish"   by Satuawany
2nd "The Help"   by Kittiara and "The Book"   by Lovina 🐕‍🦺
3rd "⭐ Out of Time by Roseille ♥

*WaterDrop* January/February 2019
First Place:"Love Triangle"   by Bobturn
Second Place: "🥇5150 and Love"   by 🌑 Darleen

*WaterDrop* March/April 2018
First Place: "Guardian Mine"   by Sorji is getting published! .

*WaterDrop* Januaryr/February 2018
First Place: "The Cane"   by Jayne no idea what I'm bluing

*WaterDrop* November/December 2017
First Place: "Of New Gods and Old"   by Bobturn

*WaterDrop* June/July 2017
First place "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
HM "Born with a Purpose"   by Mari McKee

*WaterDrop* March/April 2017
First Place: "Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor
Second Place: "Malaco Malone"   by Robert Edward Baker
Third Place: "The Survivalist"   by 🌓 HuntersMoon

*WaterDrop* February 2017
"Undying Love"   by Robert Edward Baker

*WaterDrop* December 2016
1st place "Santa's Surprise"   by Chris Breva Congrats on20WDC!!
2nd place "Rapunzel"   by RainbowFish

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