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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2107007
The Blackblood Family Celebrate the coming of The Red Moon (unfinished, feel free to crit)
Light from the mid day sun shines brightly through the tree leaves of the forest, down below the Blackblood Family was preparing for the Night of the Red Moon, where wolves come from far and wide to Celebrate the Memory pf those ho died in The Great War that ended a thousand moons ago. Linda one of the youngest wolf in the family,also she is one of the Largest, she is happily sitting in her favorite spot under The old oak tree, The shade keep her nice in cool on this hot day, she was watching the other girls set up for the event, Linda is 23 a years old, but she looks old as Victoria her twin sister, Victoria is also 23 years old, Linda's bright white fur sets her a part from Victoria. Linda is the complete opposite of her sister, Linda is kinda hearted, gentle, sweet, cute, and fluffy, she is a Prefect Angel, literally, she has wings, she a new breed of wolf, a Heavenly Wolf as her Friends would say and Victoria is a Little Devil, she very difficult to get along with,The only one to get along with Victoria is Linda and a few others, Victoria tends to keep to herself and away for other wolves. Linda yawns from boredom, because there isn't much for her to do to help out with the Celebration, because she usually winds up breaking something or tripping over decorations, Linda is far to big and clumsy to help out her Friends and Family. Linda begins to hum to herself as she lays down watches a few clouds go by in the sky above.

Meanwhile Kate teases her Sister Alice, "Hey Alice you missed a spot" Kate yells out to her, making Alice trip off the stage, Alice groans as she lands hard on the ground, Alice quickly snap back up on her paws and growls at Kate, snarling a little as she bares her fangs towards her Sister. Kate laughs loudly at Alice's reaction to her falling off the stage, "You wanna Fight Little Alice" Kate grinning widely as she eggs Alice on, Hannah rolls her eyes as she gets back to work, not assumed of Kate antics, Seris however confronts Kate "Kate this would go faster if you actually helped us out" Seris suggest to her, Kate just snickers at the thought of helping out and replies to Seris as she smirks "I have a better idea why don't you help me tease Alice a little more." Seris rolls her eyes and sighs as she heads off back to work on the music for tonight, Alice brushes herself off, she jumps back onto the stage, as she does she flicks her tail at Kate muzzle, hitting Kate right on the tip of her nose. Kate yips and medially snaps her jaws at Alice tail, Alice chuckles as she pulls her tail out of the way, Kate growls as she walks away from the others.

As the other girls continue to work through the day, Kate heads off to find something to do to occupy herself, she walks into a large field, the grassy field is filled with beautiful wild flowers, Kate sniffs a rose, as she does her ears begin to twitch, as a familiar sound, a sound of small paws running up to her. It was her younger brother Richard, but most of the Family calls him Rich, Kate turns to greet him with a big smiles as Rich rubs up against Kate's front leg. Kate snuggles into Richards tummy with her muzzle, Rich giggles as his big Sister tickles him,she continues to tickle her little brother, Rich gets up and slightly yawns, Kate chuckles and lays down, Rich snuggles into Kate's white fluffy fur and gently drifts off to sleep.

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