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John Bulb wishes his dream would come true because his family doesn't believe in him.
         John Bulb is a smart young man, he is a freshmen and he has a dream to one day be an engineer just like his dad. Everyday he tells his dad what he wants to be and everyday he hopes that his dad would say something different, but everyday he says " John your my son so i have the right to say this, your a piece of crap. Your mom hates you and that's why your last name is bulb and ours is Smith." Every time his dad says that to him he goes to his room and locks the door, and doesn't come out until he thinks his dad is out of the house. Until one day he wishes his dream would come true.

         When he opened his eyes he saw that he was wearing an engineering outfit. When he looked down he thought that the floor was so far down, then he looked in the mirror he screamed because he was tall and he had facial hair. John started calming down because he thought it was all just a dream. He decided to walk to his house, and when he got there he saw his parents. He started wondering what they were doing because they looked like they were scared of something. John asked them what they were doing, they said " we're scared your going to abuse your siblings and us for what we did to you when you were a boy." John looked at his dad with fear, then his dad said " John I'm sorry I ever doubted you, and I know you make 4 grand a week, so I just wanted to say I'm sorry for treating you the way I did."

         John still didn't know why they were being so nice to him, but he went with it. John asked his mom if she would take him to his house. When they got there John could not believe that he owned a mansion. He told his mom to go away so he can enjoy his life without her and the rest of that family. When his mom left he went inside and bathed in the glory of his mansion. John decided to take a tour of the house to see what was all it. As he was looking around he saw the master bedroom, he walked inside the room and he saw three cats sitting on the bed and 2 dogs looking out the window. He really didn't want that many animals so he called his best friend, Lola, but when he did Lola said that they weren't friends anymore and why he was calling her. He was so confused that he just hung up and went to look around the house some more.

         John decided to go see Lola so he can figure out why they weren't friends anymore. Lola was outside working on her lawn, John got out of his car and went to go talk to her Lola told him she wanted nothing to do with him. John ignored her and said " I just want to know why we aren't friends anymore. Lola just please tell me." Lola ignored him and went inside and said " just go home and never speak to me again, and if you do I'll call the cops and have you arrested." John decided to go home and forget that he ever went over to her house.

         John wished that he never wished for his dream to come true. He figured since he closed his eyes and wished for this dream to come true that he could do the same for his life to be back to normal. John closed his eyes and said " I wish my life was back to normal." When he opened his eyes he found out that he was dreaming. John ran out of his room and went to Lola's house and told her " lets always be friends no matter what." Lola was confused but she just said okay John. John went home and his life was back to normal.
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