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A 14 year old doctor gets arrested and meets a new friend.
My name is Hazana Oakta, but since I was captured, they call me Number 2,738.5.

Here's something about myself. I am working fourteen years old, meaning I am working underage and the fact that I am the only known woman on this… space outpost place, makes me wish I had a normal life on Earth.

I don't like this place at all.

They heard about my ability to "help cyborgs and robots" as they put it, and sucked me up into this ship and took me to what was almost like a bus stop in space, then the space bus took me to this jail.

Everyday I wake up to the sound of "Who's a good worker?" sing in my ear. After that, I knock my head on the very low ceiling. "Oof!" I say after rolling off onto the floor.

"Number 2,738.5, you need to stop that! It will…"

"Yes. Yes. It will 'scar my body for life and I, too will have to become a cyborg.' Trudy, you tell me that everyday!" I yell, immediately vowing not to forgive myself if she starts rolling out of the room.

Yes, I have a robot assistant who is also my alarm clock.

"Oh. Do you want me to stop? Should I go to my cybernetic chamber for the remainder of the day?"

"No, Trudy. I'm... sorry for what I said. No, please stay," I say, letting a small sigh out.

"Oh-oh-oh kay-kay-kay." She gets like this when I teach her a new word that she hasn't gotten used to saying yet.

"Now, shall we go eat?" she asks, motioning to the door.

"Oh, sure. Let's go."

We walked to the nutritional chamber (cafeteria), and wait for our normal waiter.

Japame or Number 1,436.7 comes to our table. We order and talk for fifteen minutes about the upcoming day.

Japame comes with our food, fresh yellow meat, purple cambinas (it's a weird type of "carrot") and red juice, said to have come from Mars, but I don't believe them.

"Enjoy your food, ladies," Japame says with his usual smile.

"Thanks, Japame!" I say, then dig into the food.

"Number 2,738.5! You're not supposed to call other beings by their real names!" Trudy whispers.

"So? I don't care what people think! I want to do what I want to do without any orders," I say, accidentally throwing a piece of meat at another person's face. I wince as he yells alien curse words in my face. I fight the urge to yell some back.

"But if you disobey the Man's orders, he will disintegrate you!" she says, making the "you" sounding spooky, which actually sounds funny.

"Oh sure, why would he disintegrate me? I'm the only person here who can actually work on cyborgs and robots and not have them blow into a million pieces!" I say, raising my voice with each sentence.

"You're raising your voice. Do you want me to shush?" she asks.

Thankfully her programming was made especially for people with bad tempers, like me.

"Would you please?" I huff, with a small smile on my face; having a robot that gets you is a huge gift.

We eat in silence, help Japame with our dishes and head to work. After Trudy got the "okay" from me, she started talking about my "patients" for the day.

"Your first appointment today is Number 245."

"Obie? I thought he came in yesterday."

"He had to cancel yesterday, and don't call him Obie."

When we arrived, I rushed to my quarters, yelling to Trudy: "Don't forget my sheet of appointments and to tell Obie I'll be with him shortly!"

"Alright and it's..." I slam my door before she could finish.

I get my normal work get-up on—which is a mash-up of a doctor's outfit and a construction worker's outfit—and proceed to the office.

"Trudy, patient?"

"He is ready, Number 2,738.5."

"Alright-y. Do it, girl."

I open the door to find one of the most banged-up cyborgs I have ever seen.

"Alright, Obie. Spill. What happened and who started it?"

"Well, you see..." After fifteen minutes of him "spilling", I went to work.

A few minutes later, a knock came upon the door.

A muffled robotic voice rang out.

"Number 2,738.5!"

"Yes? Who is it?"

"This is Captain of the CARPF! You are under arrest!"

"What for, officer?" I ask, hoping this has nothing to do with me calling everyone by their real names instead of their numbers.

"You have broken our number one rule of no calling people by their real names. For that, we relieve you of duty and your case will be notified by the judge."

For the first time, I noticed how much it means not to call people by their real name. I walk out of the operation room. Thankfully Trudy knew what I wanted her to do and started working.

We walked to the court house the next day, where my trial was to be taken place.

The court said that I was proven guilty and was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and after those years, I would be disintegrated.

Later, I was locked up in a cell with another person of whom I had never seen before and I thought I had met everyone in this quadrant.

Clearly, they don't send imprisoned people my way because I might help them escape.

I try to strike up a conversation, but she stayed quiet, looking out the window at the beautiful stars and constellations.

"You like looking at the stars?"

She looks at me, and replies, "Yes."

"May I ask you something?"

She stays silent, but nods.

"Why are you in here?"

She looks at me and then I notice the big scar across her face.

"For getting into fights and blaming it on other people," she says, stroking her scar.

"When did they sentence you?" I ask, feeling as curious as I was when I saw the new food for the first time.

"Two years ago, and my sentence ends in three years," she sniffles, tearing up.

"So, you want out?"

"Who doesn't?" she cries, choking on her tears.

She falls into my arms, and suddenly I feel like a mother. (Not like I'd be a good one anyways.)

She cried for what felt like hours into my shoulder.

By the time she was done, the shoulder of my new jail suit—again, it was a mixture of a construction worker's outfit and a jailbird's outfit—(what is up with the construction worker get-up?) had a good shower.

"My roommate found a way out, but didn't make it to the ships."

"Ships?" I reply, now more curious than ever to get out of here.

"Yeah. He gave me a map of tunnels we could take before he left. He was pretty smart. Must've been famous in the learning chamber," she chuckles, smiling for the first time since we met.

"So, how 'bout we get out of here?" I say, eager to get started.

"We can't start now. The guards will be suspicious. No, you have to wait a few days, maybe even a week before we can leave."

"Why wait? Why not just get out of here now?" I whine.

"Shh. Not so loud. The reason we can't leave now is because you're fresh. You're new. If we leave now, they might start disintegrating everyone here and I don't want anyone to get hurt."

"Oh alright. But when we leave, we're gonna rescue Trudy too, right?"

"Who's this Trudy? A sister of yours?"

"Well, you could say that, but really she's my robot maid. She's a really good friend and she was assigned to me as my maid and assistant at the doc office, and I wouldn't want her to be helping anyone else."

"Okay. We'll try. But if we can't, no hard feelings, okay?" she says with a frightened tone in her voice.

"Okay, deal." I huff, which received a reply from my roommate; it was a sigh of relief, not like it was interesting or anything.

"Great! We can start planning now, but we can't leave until a few days or a week has gone by," she almost sang, whipping out the map and started looking for different routes.

"Uh, excuse me." I say, actually surprising myself because I am never polite.

"Yeah?" she said, whipping her head up.

"What's your name? We haven't really introduced."

"Oh." she laughed. "I'm Number 2,735.1."

"Hey, we almost arrived on the same spaceship! I'm Number 2,738.5!"

"Oh. Nice."

We were silent for a time and in that silence, I observed her. I didn't really have the chance until now.

The one thing you couldn't seem to keep your eyes off of was her beautifully long black and brown hair; the way it flew through the air when she whipped her head around was absolutely breathtaking.

It certainly was a lot prettier than my short, greasy brown hair; though I couldn't help wondering how she was able to have it flow like that even though she's been in here for two years.

She stopped what she was doing (she must've felt watched, and that assumption was correct) and looked at me with her gorgeous green eyes. (I had never seen such green eyes in my life!)

"By the way you're looking at me, something tells me you want more."

"Well, I usually call people by their real names, not their numbers. That way, it's not so confusing for me."

"Ah. Well, my real name is Jamma Jemera; you can call me JJ."

"I'm Hazana Oakta, but you can call me HO."

She laughed, then I joined in. We laughed for what felt like ages and we joked about the name, one of the jokes being about what if I had the number two as a middle name and then I would be water, which made us howl with laughter; it felt good to find another friend.

A week later, our plan was ready for action.

We plotted every course, found its secrets and dug extra passage ways to escape to other tunnels, if the situation called for it.

At night, we moved out.

We crawled through tunnel after tunnel, hearing the occasional guard chit-chat. Something about the food or how the boss was treating them, the conversation varied between the different guards.

After thirty minutes, we neared my office. We sprang out from the tunnel like a couple of groundhogs and then tip-toed to the back.

I searched around, quietly calling Trudy's name.

I found her in her charging station, I knew how to wake her up—I would do this when she accidentally would sleep in during work hours and I would have to wake both me and her up and we would lose hours of work—so I flipped the switch from off to on to get her attention.

"Hey, I was in the middle of a… Number 2,738.5!"

"Shh!" I shush loudly. "Keep it down! We need you to come with us, now!"

"But I haven't been fully charged yet! I might shut down and…"

"Oh quit your whining! Look, we're getting out of here, with or without you and personally you were assigned to me, so you need to come with me!"

"Oh dear. What am I getting myself into?"

"Don't be so… What was that robot called? Third-Person, or Thrice-Ping? What is his name?" I ponder, with JJ coming to my rescue.

"His name is Three-pee-oh or C3PO and he is a droid."

I ask myself how she knew that, and before I could ask her how she knew that, I remember that we're escaping.

"No more time for chit-chat. Now come on. We have a tunnel we can crawl through. You are programmed to know how to crawl, right Trudy?"

"How else do you think I can clean the floors?" she demonstrates, which met my approval.

"I'm starting to like this maid of yours." JJ says, with a grin.

We crawled back into the tunnel to the space dock. When we got there, I ask Trudy: "You do know how to drive a spaceship, don't you?"

"Yes, and I also can speak over one thousand different alien languages fluently. Anything else you need to ask?" she says, looking more angry than usual.

"No. We're all set. Now where's JJ?"

"Over here!" she yells. "I found the perfect spaceship!"

We ran and rolled over to JJ, where she was standing next to a small, but big enough sized spaceship to hold up to four people.

"Well? Hop in everyone!"

"Wait! Hazana!"

I turned to find Japame, running with all his might.

"Japame! What are you doing here?"

"I was wondering… if I could come… with you…" he says, panting so hard, you'd think he'd die right on the spot from exhaustion.

"Whoa boy, slow down. Take some breaths, then speak." I say, feeling like a mother again.

He breathed for a few minutes, then spoke.

"I was wondering if I could come along on your escape. When I went to visit a few friends, they mentioned that you were in jail and decided to escape. I've want to escape this dastardly place myself. So may I?"

I thought for a few minutes, talked it over with JJ, then gave him a yes.

He leaps for joy, then hops right in.

When we were all situated, we head off into the black, star-lit sky.

"Well, that was surprising." Japame says with a bit of curiosity in his voice.

"What is, Japame?" I ask.

"Well, isn't weird that they would just let us fly out like that? I mean, there were no guards at all!" Japame says, cutting the air with both arms.

"Yeah, it is weird. Unless…" Before JJ could finish her thought, the ship shuts down and so did Trudy.

"Trudy! Trudy, wake up! Come on, Trudy!" I yell, doing everything I could to get her awake, but to no avail.

"It's hopeless Hazana. She's dead like the ship." Japame says with a little sadness in his voice.

I wouldn't know why, it's not like they were close or anything.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sudden jolt of the ship moving backwards.


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