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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2107322
The thrilling story of man, fighting for their life, their family, and their sanity.
As Kenny is running through the road with his best friend Gary who he has known all of his life, he sees his neighbor's house with it's front window broken and a man climbing through it and Kenny screams "HEY!!! WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!" Gary face palms as he thinks that this was a VERY bad idea. The man turns around but it is to dark to see his face, he starts sprinting towards Kenny with his arms out, Gary screams "SIR! Stand down immediately or I will open fire!!", Gary whips out the gun he is licensed to carry, the man runs over to Kenny and jumps on him, Kenny screams "GET OFF!!!! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!!!" Gary fumbles with his hands as the thought rushes through his head, "am I really gonna shoot this man?" Gary aims his gun right at the back and says "Please! Get off of him!!". The man continues maul Kenny until Gary grabs the man by his hair and kicks him onto the ground, Gary helps up Kenny and they both run for Kenny's house. As they reach Kenny's house he falls to his knees as he sees blood stains all over, the family Minivan gone, and none of his family members in the house, Kenny finds his emergency stash of supplies he told his wife about gone, he knows they made it out somehow. He goes in his office to grab his AR-15 Assault Rifle, but he finds a note on his desk that looks like it was scribbled together very quickly. apocalypse
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