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A contest for short stories of any length, but hurry and get your submission posted!
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It's not a hockey match...It's a contest! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Be one of the first ten qualifying stories, and you could win up to 100,000 gift points and a ribbon!---Contest is now CLOSED!

What: A competition for completed short stories…

Who: The first ten completed short stories will be considered for this competition with the following conditions:

1) Only completed short stories will be considered. Please do not submit novel chapters, poetry, or unfinished work;
2) All genres will be considered except for horror and fantasy. I’ve read far too much of those genres and want to try something different (sorry all you zombie and vampire lovers);
3) Any length will be acceptable. I will try to keep to the timeline listed below, but if several of the submissions are large in length I might need to amend. Flash fiction will be accepted, but it had better be top notch;
4) Stories can be from any Content Rating;
5) All stories will be reviewed and must allow for public reviewing;
6) Only one submission per entrant will be accepted. If multiple submissions are made by the same author, only the first submission will be considered;
7) All items must be submitted in bitem format via e-mail to my e-mail. Do not send your submission through any fora where this contest may appear;
8) Stories may be new or old;
9) The contest opened as of October 1, 2018 and will close once I have ten entries.

Scoring: The competition winners will be based on the cumulative scoring of ten different scoring categories. Each category will be scored separately with the following scoring ranges:

1) Title: 0-5 points
2) Opening: 0-5 points
3) Characterization: 0-10 points
4) Dialogue: 0-10 points
5) Theme: 0-10 points
6) Plot/Conflict Resolution: 0-10 points
7) Setting: 0-5 points
8) "Fictional Reality": 0-5 points
9) Style/Tone/”Voice”: 0-10 points
10) Grammar: 0 to -5 points (deductions are for poor grammar)

Potential score range of -5 to 70 points. The tie-breaker, if needed, will be my subjective gut feeling, but I promise I will try to outline why I picked one over the other.

Awards: I will award gift points to all of stories. I will also provide a complete review of all of the stories. Award amounts will be no less than 1,000 gift points. I'm willing to put in up to 300,000 gift points, but the payouts will be based on the value of the story as assessed by me. The maximum payout will be 100,000 gift points for first prize. The first prize winner will receive a ribbon valued at 50,000 gift points, guaranteed.

Timeline: I will announce when the contest is closed via this forum/contest entry. From the time the forum is closed I will read, review, and score the ten stories. I will review two stories per week, effective from the time I close the contest and notify you that you are entered. So, if you are in a hurry to get results, I'm sorry. I work sixty plus hours per week and do this for fun at my own pace. I will notify each of the contestants that their story, as submitted, has qualified. Any changes to the story after acceptance will not be considered.

Good luck to all!
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