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by Angus
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A Political Satire...Sort of...Maybe?


At 8:37 on a Saturday night of the year 2019, a man walked out of a bar in the small town of McCloud, California and witnessed a grand sight. Hundreds of revelers were dancing up and down in the two lane street, hooting and hollering, while a multitude of colorful fireworks bloomed in the sky.

“What’s going on?” the man asked one of the revelers.

“It’s over, it’s over!” the reveler replied as he chest-bumped one of his compatriots.

“What’s over?” the man asked.

“The Trump regime,” the reveler answered as he struck a match and began setting fire to a Trump flag that portrayed a picture of the fallen dictator with a wily grin on his face.

*CountryUS*                    *CountryUS*                    *CountryUS*

It was true. After a little more than two years of rhetorical nonsense, broken promises, insults, stupidity, moronic behavior, flat out lies, hypocritical comments, Communistic techniques, courtroom trials, and using inappropriate terms to refer to the female anatomy, it was finally over.

‘The Donald’, a.k.a. Donald J. Trump, was no longer ruler of the New World. Or the Old World. In fact, he was no longer the ruler of any world!

The Republican Party was decimated. The Democratic Party was exalted. Russian leader Vladimir Putin locked himself in his bathroom, his tears flooding out from under the door.

*CountryUS*                    *CountryUS*                    *CountryUS*

As the man walked through the swollen streets of revelers he noticed a young girl sitting on a corner, her head between her knees and sobbing almost as hard as a Russian leader.

The man knelt down beside the sobbing girl.

“Why do you cry, little one?” the man asked. “The world is once again safe from Trumpism. There’s no reason to cry. You should be reveling like the rest of us.”

The little girl raised her head and looked at the man.

“I’m not crying tears of sorrow,” she said, “I’m crying tears of joy.”

“And well you should. Trumpism is simply another word for Communism.”

The little girl wiped the tears from her eyes.

“But does that mean that they’re going to tear down the Wall?”

The man, who had walked out of a bar in the small town of McCloud, California and witnessed a grand sight at 8:37 on a Saturday night of the year 2019, said:

“There never was a wall. And there never will be.”

*I know there’s going to be some people who take offense at this, and I don’t blame them. But please know that I’m kind of ‘on the wall’ about 'the Wall'. I just want people to know this country was founded on Freedom, and I’m willing to bet that one of your ancestors came from another country to make this country as great as it is.

My point being, please take this in jest, whatever your political views may be.

Thank you.

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