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The relationship between a cop and the judge's court.
As the cop (Nielson) paced around the courtroom for the for the trillionth time, heangrily cursed under his breath. As he paced the room once again, he suddenly wondered with growing exasperation, "Where is Judge Caset?" (pronounced cay-set). Nielson eventually grew so anxious and determined that he flew past the guards to Caset's home, her sanctuary. He'd hoped that her hour of being late had a good excuse, for if it didn't, she would be off the clean cut case.

Judge Caset hurried around the room, every door and window mysteriously locked from the outside, the radio blaring on an unknown channel, the television showing strange words, and the walls and the ceiling of the tiny room enclosed with strange markings, glowing like heaven. Her eyes widening with a rising level of fear, realizing that she wasn't the only entity in the room, nor was the outside of her window crowded with so many black-eyed people so many seconds ago. "Hello Sara.", the entity paused for special effect. "Or should I call you Judge Caset, as that is the name you have created for yourself in this small, obedient, insignificant town, hm?", he finally concluded. "A-ar-are yo-you a demon?", Sara Caset said in a deeply frightened and shaky voice. "That I am dearest Sara. *laughs; sounds like a small ~hmph~* I have come here because I need you to do a favor for me." "I won't d-do anything for y-you", Caset said still shaky, but very determined nonetheless. *front door slams* "Caset?! Caset! You're two hours late to court, WHAT CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE DOING?!", Nielson half screamed, half yelled in anger and worry. "Hm. Looks like we're out time. Whoopsie!", the demon said ungretfully as he rips away Sara's sould, and she innocently falls to ground.
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