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Some great lines that I have to follow this year writing.writing means to give the best of
Dear me,

One year left us, are you satisfied about your writings?
As I know you the more you write the more you want to do more.

You will preserve writing, one article per week.
You will add research, prevention and advice in your medical articles. You will write more historical ones with a deep research.

For literary you will write about more items. You will always give a human value in your both fiction and realistic articles.

Your inspiration, like a polar star light, which in full darkness on a large sea; will shine for you to lead you to the high bright writing path.
You should always write in a certain hour when your inspiration is at its acme.

You should maintain your own original style.
You have many articles to develop in this year in different categories.

The subjects are dictated by your deep inspiration.Indeed it appears that your intuition plays also a role in searching the subject according to your inspiration.

You want to write more articles but the quality is always your goal.

You have indeed some goals to achieve this year.
You want to write more fiction stories for both children and adults.Such stories must be written according to standard culture or according to multi multiculturalism. All they have a human value.Such stories will be written during all the year.

As you want to write in more social and human behaviors.Such articles will be occasional during this year.
You want to write in some International social debates about woman and her conditions in the world.Like these items that you would like to develop: the case of multiculturalism and tolerance in the world, poorness, the sources of both energy and wealth around the world and the relationship with human well being.

You also want to release more of your personal deep strong feelings which are most often hidden on yourself and just moments of inspiration succeed to release them.These are personal items.

You always want that your writing makes a sens and add a great plus to the meaning of people around the world.Such world who dreams living in peace tolerance and wealth.

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