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Introduction to the strongest group of mercenaries/bounty hunters, the NanoCorps
NanoCorps, The Strongest Mercenaries in world

“Heroes? Well, you could say that, but we’re definitely not heroes. We're just your ordinary mercenaries doing their job.”

The NanoCorps are a group of powerful mercenaries and bounty mercenaries that most of the members are not human and led by a young Drangua name Quentin Andross. Saving lives from dangerous criminals, capturing most wanted people alive or dead if forced to in just minutes. Their reputation is skyrocket to popularity and fame, even rulers of different countries took notice of the mercenaries’ heroism.

It started when Quentin was in his mid teens with no memories of his past, wander around the land to find information that will lead to his past. One day, he stumbles upon a deranged man holding a young woman hostage and threaten to kill her with a gun if anyone tries to rescue her, but Quentin ignores the man's warnings and quickly takes him out with speed that'll miss him in a blink of an eye and such strength to knock him out cold with a simple chop on the neck. After the woman thanked the young Drangua for saving and returning to her hometown, he was approached by a tall man with large mechanical arms that goes by the name Zeke.

Quentin thought he was with the man and ready himself for a fight, but the mysterious man halted him, saying he's actually chasing down the man that that was holding the woman hostage, but it seems Quentin had done the bounty hunter’s job very well. Zeke offers Quentin to form a group of mercenaries who can save many lives and receive fame and fortune, though Quentin is not interested in any of the rewards, he gladly accepts the offers so he can save many people from dangerous criminals, disasters, and many other dangers lurking around.

The Members of NanoCorps

The NanoCorps were a group of 11 mercenaries, all males with a simple but ridiculous rule: 'No girls allowed'(by the Three Recons). That rule has been diminished when Quentin invites the female assassin Sasha to the NanoCorps and since then, female are allowed to join the group.

As time goes by and multiple people joining the NanoCorps, there are a total of 40(60 later on) highly trained and powerful members led by Quentin and Zeke. Each mercenaries possess amazing superhuman abilities (some wearing Exo-suits created by Beta), viewing most of them as non-humans, especially the two giant like mercenaries possessing enormous superhuman abilities, a robot with high intelligence, two tall horned elves, a human/wolf hybrid and a fox/human hybrid, a demoness, an ancient fiery being, a pink creature and such. Few members have been enemies to the NanoCorps before, including Cross, a dangerous Blood Drangua and former mortal enemy of Quentin.

Male Members

The Drangua Leader
Name: Quentin Andross

Age: 21

Height: 5'12"

Race: Drangua (Dragon/Human race)

NanoCorps' Rank: Founder/Leader/Front Line/Swordsman

Gender: Male

Appearance: An average height slim, yet muscular young Drangua with short spiky yellow hair (SSJ style), red eyes, sharp teeth, dragon wings that can magical put away and a scar on his left eye. Wearing a traditional red and black mercenaries outfit and a red scarf around his neck, black pants and boots. He carries two unique swords on his back: A small sword and a giant greatsword with chains attach to the hilts together.

Personality: Quentin is a laid back and easygoing Drangua, he is also cool headed and very calm even when in danger. Due to his friendly nature, he makes a lot of friends and allies. Quentin doesn't seem to get angry very often, but does get annoyed when some mercenaries goof off and Glenys's 'affection' hugs.

Powers & Abilities: As a Drangua, Quentin has superhuman abilities and able to harden his skin like the dragon's scales. He can produce magma from his scaled arms, sprouts wings from his back, breathes fire, very keen eyesight and a special ability called Dragon Glare: The ability to stop, seemingly paralyzes, his opponents with his fierce, piercing red eyes. He is also a strong swordsman that surprises Ryx when sparring, though he said he haven't been using his swords for quite awhile.

Trivia: Suggesting by many mercenaries, including Atomic and Alpha, Quentin is one of the strongest mercenaries to face any dangerous mission without having any problems. He partnered up with his girlfriend, Vixen Vex, his rival Viz Archer, and surprisingly, his former foe, Cross. He hopes to one day to find more about his birthplace and his parents.

The Wise Co-Leader Marksman
Name: Zeke

Age: Unknown

NanoCorps' Rank: Founder/Leader/Marksman

Gender: Male

Height: 9'7"

Race: Unknown

Appearance: Although most of his body is covered in his old poncho, Zeke is very tall and powerfully built with large mechanical arms that most of the mercenaries believe he is a robot like Beta. He also wears an old hat and goggles with red lens, and large metal boots.

Personality: Despite his rugged and shady appearance, Zeke is a calm and quiet mercenary that only spoken when needed. Most of the mercenaries came to him for his knowledge. He call almost everyone a 'kid', even Flare, an ancient phoenix who is more than 10,000 years old, hinting he might be older than her.

Powers & Abilities: Zeke uses his personal and customized sniper rifle named Ol’ Betsy and uses different equipment to assist him. As an ace marksman, he can lock on his targets and snipe them without any misses. If close combat, Zeke uses his large mechanical hands, equip with various devices, though he mainly uses the electrostatic to shock or paralyze threats.

Trivia: Many wonders where did Zeke came from or what he is and his only response was ‘That's a secret I will tell you one day, kid.’ The only person who knows about Zeke’s life is Quentin and he swore to never reveal Zeke’s identity.

The Invincible Monster
Name: Atomic Vile

Age: 4

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Tank/The Big 3

Gender: Male

Height: 30'12

Race: Bio Life-form

Appearance: Atomic is an enormous, muscular bio weapon monster with his skin all silver, spiky like hair forming from his skin, sharp teeth, and doesn't appear to have pupils and iris in his eyes, making him more menacing, His appearance is very close to Venom from Spider-Man series except he's silver without the spider symbol, bigger and muscular.

Personality: Despite his ferocious figure, Atomic is actually a laid back and friendly monster, but gets a little rowdy and loud when fighting. He enjoys fighting and try his best to hold back his strength in order not knock out his opponent.

Powers & Abilities: Due to being a bio-weapon, with massive height and superhuman abilities, Atomic is the strongest and most dangerous hunter that no one dares to challenges him. His monstrous strength and other abilities alone can get the job done easily...As long it's not a stealth type mission. His body is indestructible, meaning nothing will kill him and even if he's injured, he has nanobots inside him to regenerate his wounds.

Trivia: Where Atomic came from is currently unknown, but was company by Beta when the two joins the NanoCorps. He has a problem with children when encounter by them, not because he doesn’t like them, rather enjoying entertaining them, it is his appearance that make the children fear of him.

The Cold Hearted Merc
Name: Viz 'X' Archer

Age: 22

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Stealth

Gender: Male

Height: 6”

Race: Human

Appearance: Lean built, muscular young man with a large X shaped scar on his face, giving him the nickname ‘X'. He lost both his arms during his last mission, and Beta quickly created and giving Viz a powerful set of mechanical arms based on his design Wearing a similar mercenaries suit like Quentin's, but it's sleeveless to make room for the arms.

Personality: Viz usually shows his strict, serious, and cold personality,determined to get the job done. However, he is very loyalty to his fellow mercenaries. He has an ongoing rivalry between himself and Quentin, but in a more friendly term. Viz seems enjoying the company of Prosperine as the two go out together on a mission, hinting the two have feelings for each other.

Powers & Abilities: Thanks to the newly implanted robotic arms and wearing Exo-suit, Viz is another dangerous force to be reckoned with. The arms giving him super strength, tactical cloaking, changing into weapons like swords and miniguns, smoke screen, and other hidden weapons.

Trivia: Tied with Quentin, Viz capture the most wanted criminals in his NanoCorps’ records. He rather take dangerous high rank missions rather than the lowers ones. In secret, Viz and Rine begins dating for a month or two before Slick founds out about it and told the others of their relationship.

The Robotic Brain
Name: Beta

Age: Unknown

NanoCorps' Rank: Tactician/Inventor

Gender: Genderless (has a male voice)

Height: 5'12"

Race: A.I.

Appearance: Beta has a lean built body that appears like a knight with glowing red linings all over his body. He wears a metallic split cape to fit his appearance with NanoCorps' symbol

Personality: Beta does not have any emotions and feelings like most robots do, following the leader's command. He has free will to do anything he wants.

Powers & Abilities: Like Zeke, Beta also can summon weapons and tactical equipment and has a unique ability that he can go through solid object by becoming molecules. He has superhuman abilities though not as strong as Alpha, but still can throw a powerful punch.

Trivia: Beta is the brains of the NanoCorps, creating many prototypes and inventions that will greatly aid the mercenaries. He is also a master strategist when coming up with plans and execute them. Beta is the one who created two artificial intelligence called Alpha and Delta, to join the NanoCorps.

The Cool Womanizer
Name: Danny Von Vantage

Age: 37

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon

Gender: Male

Height: 6'4"

Race: Human

Appearance: Tall, toned and muscular, Danny has black hair with some hair sticking up like mohawk style due to the amount of hair gel. He wears the NanoCorps' mercenaries suit and a black Exo-suit that Beta built it for 'regular' mercenaries.

Personality: Danny is easy going and sometimes lazy, he does joke around with his comrades. However, he does get serious when they are on the mission. He is also a womanizer as he tends to flirt with every woman he can find, but loves to woo Alanna more than other female mercenaries in the group, even doesn't being assaulted by her.

Powers & Abilities: Thanks to Beta's exo-suits, Danny's abilities has been improved and the black exo-suit gives him numerous of tactical equipment, jetpack, grappling hook and electrical shocks from the hands. Danny seems to be an expert of hand to hand combat with the help of Vixen, a master of close combat and martial arts.

Trivia: Danny is a master pianist which not include in his records due to his father neglecting him, saying it is a disgrace to the Vantage family. He show his pianist skills to the mercenaries after joining the NanoCorps and they enjoy it. However, rumors began to swirl, saying that the reason he plays the piano is to attract many women and would fondle them before noticing....

The Flame Blind Swordsman
Name: Ryx

Age: 48

NanoCorps' Rank: Front Line/Master Swordsman

Gender: Male

Height: 6'10"

Race: Human

Appearance: Ryx is a tall blind muscular man carrying a sword with him which is located on the hip. He has numerous scars on his chest and three scars on his face. Has stubby hair on his chin.He wears a black samurai gi with intricate design, gray pants with same design and boots. He has bandages around his eyes and wearing a straw hat.

Personality: Ryx is a silent yet strict warrior who carries himself with grace and dignity, maintaining many subtle mannerisms of a traditional samurai. He is the strong silent type, speaking when he feels it's necessary.

Powers & Abilities: Ryx is a powerful swordsman, possibly the strongest swordsman of the group, who cut just about anything with amazing speed, strength, and precision. His sword, the Enkou, is a long sword that release intense heat and powerful fire projectiles, even sharpen its blade to gain more strength.

Trivia: Ryx came from the far west of the world, joining the NanoCorps to heighten his sense and strength. Once trusted enough, Ryx removes the blindfold and reveals burn like scars around the eyes and doesn't seem to have eyes as he claims to remove them as a symbol of his anger and vengeance.

The Telekinesis Sloth
Name: Slick

Age: 18

NanoCorps' Rank: ESP/Teleporter/Shield

Gender: Male

Height: 4’9"

Race: Human

Appearance: Slick is a short lean muscular build teen with his skin being pale. Slick has short spiky black hair with white tips, red eyes and a tattoo that said 'Sloth' on his back. Wearing a mercenaries’ suit with an upward collar and the left sleeve has been cut off, metal gauntlet on the right hand, black pants with dark purple on the sides and boots

Personality: Slick is very lazy and tends to sleep during the mission. However, like Danny, he can get the job done…if he wants to.

Powers & Abilities: Despite being lazy, Slick is a very powerful ESP as he can lift objects with his mind, teleport, creating shields to block any attacks, and attacks his targets with Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis.

Techniques: Pyro Blast: Slick absorb the heat in the air, gathering into one of his hands and then release a stream of fire at his target. In some situation, he can create a small explosion right near his target in a surprise attack.
Cryo Blast: Same as the Pyro Blast, Slick gathering cold air around him and release a frigid blast to his opponent.

Trivia: Slick is the only member that sleeps more than any other mercenaries. He claims that it'll regenerate his energy in order to use his telekinetic powers, but some believe he is using that excuse just to sleep more.

The Three Recon Stooges
Name: Petrie, Ralph, & Sharper

Age: 43(P), 37(R), 23(S)

NanoCorps' Rank: Recons

Gender: Males

Height: 6'3"(P), 6'(R), 5'10(S)

Race: Humans

Appearances: Petrie is tall, well built with fair skin color, he is also bald headed and has a curly brown mustache and goggles on his forehead. black pants, and boots, Ralph is lean built with peach skin and has green undercut hair, and Sharper is quite short among the three with slim body and has short spiky red hair. All three wears exact same mercenaries suit, black pants, and boots.

Personalities: Petrie is more strict than the other two, arguing with them, in a goofy way. However, he enjoys goofing off, along with Ralph and Sharper. Ralph is lazy of the three and speaks of sarcasm most of the time and Sharper loves to eat more than the missions, but he does do his job well till he gets hungry.

Powers & Abilities: The three wears exo suits like Danny does, giving them enhanced abilities and equipment. Petrie's suit is colored blue while Ralph's green and Sharper's red. They are expert marksmen but not as strong as Zeke and Zurge.

The Western Bullseye
Name: Zurge Bane

Age: 45

NanoCorps' Rank: Marksman

Gender: Male

Height: 7'7"

Race: Human

Appearance: Zurge appears to be a tall, well-built man who sounds from the old western. He wears a black trench coat with exo-suit vest, a cowboy hat with NanoCorps' symbol, mask that covers his upper face with high tech sunglasses, gloves, pants with gun holster and cowboy boots.

Personality:Somewhat like Zeke, Zurge is a silent yet wise gunman who enjoys snguys.off bad guys . When talking, he sounds like old, gruff, western cowboy with a knowledge of an elder. Zurge is a great partner and friend to the mercenaries and shows a fierce yet friendly rival to Zeke.

Powers & Abilities: Compare to Zeke's master marksmanship, Zurge is the second best of shooting people at such large distance-only with his special dual magnum pistols: The Reapers. He has good keen eyesight with the help of his sunglasses.

Trivia: Before joining the NanoCorps, Zurge is well known for rounding up criminals at the old western town, even tries to challenge Zeke to a shootout, to which he decided, though he praises at the old western’s accuracy and keen eyesight. He once had a partner years ago who turn against him and shot him in the back, taking the prize with and vanish without a trace.

The Silent Killer
Name: Zark

Age: Unknown

NanoCorps' Rank: Stealth/Assassin

Gender: Male

Height: 7'4"

Race: Unknown (Human?)

Appearance: Zark is a mysterious tall, slight muscular man who doesn't reveal any personal life to anyone, even to his fellow mercenaries and not many see his face due to him being concealed all the time. Zark wears a long black hooded trench coat made by Beta with a large skull imprint on the back, matching black pants, gloves and boots, and a silver mask that resembles a skeleton's face.

Personality: True to his title. Zark is a silent man that some believe he does not talk, giving others the cold shoulder, and very ruthless to anyone who is his target or getting in his way of killing one. However, he does have a soft side and quite loyal to his leaders

Powers & Abilities: Zark moves very fast, so fast that he can disappear in a blink of an eye, even some of the mercenaries thought he can warp through space. His quick reflexes and sharp instinct makes him a very dangerous as he able to dodge a bullet at point blank and during a stealth-based mission, Zark was able to reach his destination within minutes without raising alarms. Zark uses Assassin's Kill style that will quickly dispose his targets with a single chop or just one of his fingers against vital points.

Trivia: Zark was once a bodyguard for a notorious gang that terrorized the city before the NanoCorps came in and apprehend the gang. Zark was about to assist them but soon notice the boss of the gang was hiding behind him, showing that he is nothing but a coward and the silent killer abandoned him and joins the NanoCorps shortly after witnessing Quentin’s powers.

The Green Warrior
Name: Orn

Age: Unknown

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline

Gender: Male

Height: 8'12"

Race: Namekian

Appearance: Orn is a tall muscular Namekian with a large scar on his right eye. He wears a black and gold armored vest with NanoCorps' symbol on the back, an eye patch on his scarred right eye, black gi pants, and black and gold boots

Personality: Orn is a very cold, quiet, and grumpy hunter who prefers to be alone when not on a mission, though he pairs up with Zark which works great for the two. He respects the leaders and fellow mercenaries, but he tends to challenge Quentin in a spar, but Viz will get in his way and the two ended up fighting each other.

Powers & Abilities: With newly implanted of Atomic's Ω-DNA, combined with his natural Namekian abilities, Orn is considered to be one of the strongest mercenaries in NanoCorps, right near Quentin and Cross's level. If activated the DNA, his green-skinned body turns shiny silver like Atomic's, increasing his strength and durance, but the green warrior rarely uses it as he rather uses his own strength, but will use the DNA if it's an emergency.

Trivia: Orn is an exiled Namekian who join the NanoCorps for unknown reasons and was heavily wounded, on the verge of death. Beta, with a sample of Atomic's skin and nanobots, implant the Namekian with a created prototype called 'Atomic's Ω(Omega)-DNA', saving his life. Ranking of his performance, Orn is a top tier of taking down wanted criminals, matching to Zark and Viz’s records. He rarely uses any weapons, saying it’s a disgrace to the Namekians and only uses his own strength.

The Ghost in Dark Armor
Name: Unknown (Revenant by NanoCorps' mercenaries)

Age: Unknown

NanoCorps' Rank: Tank/Bruiser/Swordsman

Gender: Male

Height: 10'12"

Race: Unknown (Possibly undead)

Appearance: Revenant is a very tall, bulky appearance knight dressed in a set of heavy black armor and tattered cape, and glowing red eyes behind the helmet. When breathing heavily, black like mist emerges, hinting he may not be human. Carrying a long black sword around the waist.

Personality: Despite his frightening appearance. Revenant is very calm and level-headed with a sense of honor that the mercenaries view him as a 'gentle giant'. He has a habit of shielding the female mercenaries from any danger, making the womanizer Danny a bit jealous of him.

Powers & Abilities: Revenant is a very powerful swordsman and can be paired with Ryx. His armor is very sturdy and seemingly can't be puncture, making him the second tank of the NanoCorps. He learns powerful dark arts to fuel his power and unleashed terrifying dark magic that can wipe out multiple buildings and mountains.

Trivia: His armor supposedly blessed by a deity back in the medieval days, suggesting he is not human, rather a living walking armor and he is much older than most of the members, except for Flare and possibly Zeke.

The Weapon of Destruction
Name: Alpha

Age: 1

NanoCorps’ Rank: Shield/Bruiser/The Big 3

Gender: Genderless(has a male voice)

Height: 30’12”

Race: A.I

Appearance: Alpha is a massive created machine, built by Beta and the others, about the same height as Atomic. His armor are colored white with glowing blue linings on his arms, torso, and legs, has two antennae on his head and only has one glowing blue eye that changes to red when he is in combat, two large boosters like cannons attach to the back and two large gatling guns on his shoulders. On the front of his armor has the NanoCorps’ symbols.

Personality: Like Beta, Alpha does not have any emotions and feelings and has free will to do anything, and only follows the NanoCorps’ leaders and other mercenaries’ orders.

Powers & Abilities: Alpha’s high dense armor and massive superhuman strength makes him another dangerous hunter to tackle and he is on par with Atomic. He possesses numerous of weapons with unlimited ammo and willing to share to the mercenaries. His boosters granted him to fly and said has the ability to transform into a hovercraft that can carry multiple people.

Trivia: Alpha and Atomic usually compete to see who’s the strongest mercenaries in the area by destruction on the criminals organization bases and count to see who got the most kills. Beta assign Alpha to maintain nightshift for anyone who tries to infiltrate their headquarters and is equipped with ‘G.O.D Tracker’ to find and spot G.O.D’s real body if summons multiple of clones.

The Buzzboy
Name: Skylar ‘Buzzboy’ Walter

Age: 33

Height: 6’3”

Race: Human

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon/Aerial Recon

Gender: Male

Appearance: Skylar is a tall, well fit former marine man with yellow hair, and a small scar on his chin. He wears a black NanoCorps’ mercenaries outfit with one of the sleeves detached and a jetpack, gloves, and boots. He carries two small pistols on his gun holster that was a gift from Zeke.

Personality: Skylar is an easy going and laid back member who has a big weakness to a beautiful woman, making him shudder and moves away from them which is an opposite of Danny’s, but it does not affect him in missions. He does have a big crush on Flare and wanted to express his feelings towards her, but was nervous to do it.

Powers & Abilities: As a former marine, Skylar is very skillful in martial arts and marksmanship, and an ace pilot which gives him the ‘Buzzboy’ nickname. He also brings his two large, highly trained birds known as the Direagles, an extremely rare and strong bird that was once thought to be extinct, named Jet and Dash, to aid their ‘father’ in a mission to either distract enemies or carrying objects.

Trivia: As he finishes his service in the marines and joins NanoCorps, Skylar encounters two large eggs at the cliff when he was sent on a mission in the mountainous region to find any problems, with no sight of its mother and decided to take care of the eggs before something bad happens to them. A few days later at the headquarters, the eggs start to hatch, revealing two red and black colored chicks that resemble a bald eagle and immediately imprinted him as their parent. With no other choice, Skylar, along with some teammates, help take care of the chicks until they reach their adulthood.

The Black Cyber Ninja
Name: Unknown (goes by Shadow)

Age: Unknown

Height: 6’9”

Race: Cyborg (possibly human)

NanoCorps' Rank: Stealth/Assassin/Recon

Gender: Male

Appearance: Shadow is a mysterious, tall cyborg whose whole body is covered in black cybernetics armor with few red lights, two antennas on the helmet and glowing red visor, a long sheathed cybernetics katana on the back, and long red scarf around his neck.

Personality: Shrouded in mystery, Shadow is rather a quiet and obedient cyborg ninja who follow a code of honor which includes never kill anyone who is weaker than him, but he will kill the said target if accepted an assassination mission. He is on good terms with his fellow mercenaries, but views Ryx as his rival, clashing with their swords during their spar.

Powers & Abilities: Rival to Zark’s abilities, Shadow is suber on stealth and speed, enhanced strength and high dense armor. He is a strong swordsman, able to match to other swordsmen in the group.

Trivia: Shadow is the first ninja to be in the NanoCorps and gets a lot of fans due to some believe ninjas are ‘cool’. While on break, he usually meditates along with Ryx and Orn. Where the ninja came from is unknown, but few suggests he came from the far west where Ryx came from, but the flame swordsman doesn’t remember seeing him.

The Lightning Renegade
Name: Jackle ‘Zap’ Watz

Age: 16

Height: 5’7”

Race: Human

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Formal Criminal

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jackle is an average size young man, with yellow spiky hair with a streak of white that shapes into a lightning bolt, and red eyes. He wears a traditional NanoCorps suit with no sleeves, metallic gloves with two tubes attached to his arms, metallic boots, and a black sunglasses on his forehead.

Personality: Jackle is very arrogant, crude, and aggressive young merc who loves to beat up people just for kicks, Before joining the NanoCorps, Jackle has a grudge against the mercenaries for ruining his ‘fun’ and tries to take them on but failed. While having a rocky start with the relationship between himself and NanoCorps, Jackle has some respect towards Quenton and loves to pick on Alanna, calling her nicknames like ‘booby elf’ and such.

Powers & Abilities: While he doesn't seem to have superhuman abilities, Jackle possess extremely powerful electrical surge within his body, sending out electricity out his foes. He can fly by using ‘jet sparks’ beneath his feet, shooting out electrical sparks, and can change to his maximum limit by absorbing electricity from objects that generated. Trained under Vixen, Jackle is a strong combater, combing with his electricity makes him a dangerous fighter.

Trivia: Jackle is the first former criminal and third youngest to join the NanoCorps, and the youngest criminal in the area. His electricity powers were so strong, it almost fried Beta and Alpha’s circuits, but he has a problem with water and will get shocked if splashed by it.

The Blood Drangua
Name: Cross

Age: 21

Height: 5’12”

Race: Drangua(Blood)

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Swordsman/Former Criminal

Gender: Male

Appearance: Cross’s appearance looks exactly like Quentin: average height, slim and muscular, short spiky white hair with red tips (SSJ style), red eyes with white irises, sharp teeth, blood dragon wings that can magical put away, but does not have a scar on his left eye. He wears the NanoCorps suit colored black and red, black pants and boots.

Personality: Cross is a quiet, calm, and level-headed Drangua, seemingly non-aggressive when not in combat, but can be very cruel, cold and emotionless if fighting. Due to their family histories, he and Quentin were once mortal enemies, nearly fighting to death, but they put away their grudging past and work together when he joins NanoCorps.

Powers & Abilities: Cross has similar abilities that Quentin has except he uses a forbidden technique that uses his or other's blood to power up, absorbing the victim’s blood, and create weapons from the blood, mainly his large scythe. He can paralyze his victims if his blood weapon able to cut them, and, like Quentin, has Dragon Glare, the ability to stop and paralyze anyone who fall to his imitating gaze.

Trivia: Cross was once worked with G.O.D to cover the world in darkness until NanoCorps tries to stop his plans and clashes against Quentin, creating a feud between the Dranguas. After few months had passed since G.O.D’s plans were stopped, Cross reappears in front of NanoCorps’ headquarters and asked to join the team which Quentin, surprisingly, agrees and becomes the second former criminal to join the NanoCorps.

Female Members

The Beautiful Shadow Assassin
Name: Sasha

Age: 28

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon/Stealth/Assassin

Gender: Female

Height: 6'4"

Race: Human

Appearance: Sasha is a tall, curvy, athletic woman with long flowing black hair with red highlights pass down her waist, red eyes and a scar on her left cheek. She wears a black blouse with dark red hemlines and very long large sleeves, cat ears headband, black leggings and strappy burgundy ballet flats with low heel.

Personality: Sasha is a soft-spoken, kind hearted and very loyalty woman who cares quite deeply for her comrades. On a mission, Sasha is very focused and serious to get the mission done, even killing anyone who gets in their way without hesitation.

Powers & Abilities: Sasha has a unique power to merge into any shadows she set sight on and reemerges to strike down her target without noticing her. Sasha also uses dark like powers to stop her targets by using their shadows and summons shadow like tendrils.

Trivia: Sasha is the first female to join the once all male NanoCorps, despite some members disagreements(mainly the Three Recons Stooges). Sasha is viewed as a motherly typed person due to her kind personality, keeping watched from any arguments in the group and quickly disperse before it gets worse..

The Elf Princess
Name: Alanna Florence

Age: 33

NanoCorps' Rank: Front Line/Bruiser/Swordswoman

Gender: Female

Height: 8'11"

Race: Great Horned Elf

Appearance: Alanna is a very tall, curvaceous, large breasted elf with long flowing bluish green hair that past her waist with two long braided locks in the front, azure eyes and two curve horns on her head. As a princess, Alanna wears a royal light green robes with slits in the front, silver pauldrons, arm guards and hip guards, revealing silver breastplate, a tiara on her head, set of emerald earrings, long veil from the back, and thigh high silver armored gladiator sandals

Personality: Despite being a princess of Great Horned Elves who suppose to be elegant and pamper, Alanna is very strict, impatient, headstrong, and fearless woman who loves to hunt down dangerous wanted criminals without second thought. She respects Quentin's leadership and strength along with the rest of the mercenaries, but to Danny however, she really dislike him as he would flirt with her more often than the other females and he usually ends up on the ground in pain or up in a tree somewhere after facing her wrath.

Powers & Abilities: Alanna possess superhuman abilities and very strong swordswoman as she wields a large claymore sword and can swing the weapon with ease and powerful enough to slice a wall of steel in half.

Trivia: Alanna and her sister, Glenys, came from a different world for a vacation and hearing the NanoCorps’ rising fame, instantly joining the group for the time being which ended up as permanent. She still has duties of a princess and keeps in check of her people and her mother through communication.

The Cheery Mage Princess
Name: Glenys Florence

Age: 31

NanoCorps' Rank: Mage/Healer

Gender: Female

Height: 8'9"

Race: Great Horned Elf

Appearance: Like her older sister, Glenys is a very tall, curvaceous, large breasted elf with long green hair that tied up into a ponytail, gold color eyes and long horns on her head. As a princess, Glenys wears her royal white evening gown that exposed her large chest and golden hip armor, a tiara on her head, golden earrings, and golden wedge sandals.

Personality: Unlike her strict sister, Glenys is a cheerful, kind and upbeat elf who cheers on her fellow mercenaries from the sideline while they do the most work. She likes Quentin a lot, often to hug him and presses his head against her bosom. Glenys earns respect from her fellow mercenaries and eye candy from Danny, though she doesn't mind...until Alanna steps in and assault the womanizer.

Powers & Abilities: While she posses superhuman abilities, Glenys uses powerful element magic that rivals Slick's psychic ability, but second to Aradia's superior magic.

Trivia: Glenys’s magic said to be the highest in her hometown and the strongest mage in NanoCorps before Aradia joined. She is very curious of Quentin’s race since her people had secretly studied them for quite sometimes before their disappearance, though she has a big crush on him after seeing him in action.

The Ghostly Huntress
Name: Esmeralda 'Emmy' Valda

Age: Ageless (appears to be 18)

NanoCorps' Rank: Stealth/Recon

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10"

Race: Ghost

Appearance: Esmeralda is a young female ghost. She has a slim, curvy body, long pale lavender hair with a strand in between her black eyes with white irises, and due to the fact Esmeralda is a ghost, she has ghostly like pale skin and then fades to transparent at the beginning of her hands and feet. She wears a black Gothic lolita dress decorated with ghostly chains and some wrap around her waist, arms and neck, and black knee high boots.

Personality: Esmeralda is shy and a bit reclusive, often hanging out alone, but willingly help out her fellow mercenaries if they are in a pickle. She is good friends with Revenant since both are undead and has a habit of going through walls, frightening the mercenaries when she speaks up

Powers: As a ghost, Esmeralda is immune to all physical attacks, phase through solid objects and possessing people. She uses chains as weapons and can summon more chains from 'beyond the graves', making it very inescapable and very tough to break.

Trivia: The ghostly being haunts her way to the NanoCorps when they are investigating a disturbance at the cemetery and thought she was the one, turns out it was a group of grave robbers trying to steal the bodies and Esmeralda detain them with her chains. Impressed with her powers, Quentin invites her to the NanoCorps and she happily accepted, making her the first apparition to join NanoCorps.

The Giant Timid Healer
Name: Slyphy

Age: 2

NanoCorps' Rank: Healer/ The Big 3

Gender: Female

Height: 30'7"

Race: Bio Life-Form

Appearance: Slyphy has an appearance of a giant young light blue skinned beautiful woman with a slender and curvaceous body, very long light blue hair She possess a set of wings on her back, giving the ability to fly. Sylphy wears a light blue long revealing dress (showing her bare stomach and back) with numerous silver ornaments to accommodate it. Large feathery laurel crown with silver arm brackets, and silver heeled pumps.

Personality: Slyphy is very shy and timid, despite her large size. She doesn’t like to fight, often hang back and let the other mercenaries do it, but when her friends is in trouble, she develops her courage and takes on any challenge it throws at her. Slyphy looks up to Quentin (no pun intended) as her big brother and cares quite deeply for him.

Powers & Abilities: Although she doesn't possess powerful strength like her friends Atomic and Alpha,, Slyphy has superhuman abilities and carries a long blue wand with a floating crystal on top, has ability to heal her friends when in danger, resurrect the dead , and surprisingly knows martial arts. She did mention she can transform into a more powerful and fierce form, but afraid she might lose control and harm her friends

Trivia: Like Atomic, Slyphy was created from an unknown lab and escapes from there before meeting Quentin and joins the NanoCorps. She became the tallest female in the group with Amber being second.

The Vampiric Mage
Name: Athanasia Shirina

Age: Ageless (20s)

NanoCorps' Rank: Blood Mage

Gender: Female

Height: 6'3"

Race: Vampire

Appearance: Athanasia is a tall, slender and curvaceous woman with long flowing silver hair with bangs between her eyes and has an appearance of a vampire. She has pointed ears, pale skin and vampiric red eyes with a beauty mark under her right eye and fangs. She wears a dark red dress with detached sleeves and decorated with vampire accessories, large bat wings hair clip on the back, and black pumps with bat wings on the top. She carries and summons a long scepter with red crystal on top

Personality: Bloodthirsty and remorseless with a hint of sadistic, Athanasia is a dangerous mercenary that even Danny, a womanizer, won't flirt to. However, she's more of a kind nature vampire when not on a mission and very loyal to her boss, though she tried to seduce him and suck his blood, but the Drangua is immune to her spell. She does have a habit of asking someone to offer their blood to her, in a nice way.

Powers and Abilities: As a immortal vampire with superhuman abilities, Athanasia is one of the strongest female mercenaries in NanoCorps. She is a master of blood magic, making her extremely dangerous, even Aradia, the strongest mage in the group, comments on how dangerous the magic is if the vampire gets serious, and learns most of dark arts of spells. If force to close combat, her magically long specter can act as a weapon. Despite being a vampire, she is immune to all vampires’ weaknesses which include sunlight, garlic(which tends to be her favorite food), and crosses.

Trivia: Athanasia was once a ruler of vicious vampires before their downfall and hid from public view for quite sometimes. Once heard about a group of mercenaries called NanoCorps, Athanasia immediately joins the group in order to keep her reputation and starts a new life as a mercenary .

The White Serpent
Name: Zella

Age: Unknown

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon/Assassin

Gender: Female

Height: 5”12”(upper body), 28”(lower body)

Race: Lamia (White Jormungand)

Appearance: Zella’s upper body is that of a attractive young woman with large breasts and curvy body, her arms and part of the neck is covered in white scales, white pointy ears, sharp claws and fangs, red long white hair with red at the tip, eyes with snake pupils, and horns on her head. Her lower body is a very long white scaly snake tail with red colored spikes at the top. She wears a black tube top with ‘N.C.’ logo on the front, arm brackets, and a black cloth wrap around her waist.
Personality: Zella is a soft spoken and quiet Lamia, but can be a fierce and bloodthirsty assassin with her snake instincts begin to rise. She enjoys working with her teammates and loyal to them, and like most snakes, Zella enjoys eating eggs, no matter how they cooked.

Powers & Abilities: While she isn’t as strong as her fellow superhuman teammates, Zella is still a dangerous assassin when it comes to sneak attack and assassinate the target. Her tail can crush steel objects and uses it as a weapon such as whipping her foes at high speed and coiling them up until they pass out. Zella can move very fast on land and swims pretty fast underwater.

Trivia:.Zella was recruited by the three recons who they encounter her few months later before forming NanoCorps. At first, they were frightened by her snake appearance, but was revealed she was actually a friendly lamia and she was running from the enemies that want revenge after she kill their leader. The recons hid Zella out of danger before they depart, telling her they’ll meet again on day.

The Martial Arts Shura
Name: Vixen 'Vix' Vex

Age: 21

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Recon

Gender: Female

Height: 5'12"

Race: Shura (Human/Fox Hybrid)

Appearance: Vixen is a well toned, buxom and curvaceous young Shura with long maroon hair and emerald eyes. As part fox, she has fox ears, bushy tail, canine teeth and sharp claws. Vixen wears a Asian style cyan colored dress, taking on a green color at the end with detachable sleeves, white baggy pants and cyan ankle strap flat shoes. (quite similar to this one: vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/fi…... )

Personality: Vixen is a proud and fearless hunter with a little playfulness towards her boyfriend, Quentin. She and her fellow members get along quite well, especially the silent killer Zark. She likes to search for hidden treasures and doesn't mind bringing a few mercenaries with her.

Powers & Abilities:Trained under by five different masters of martial arts by young age, tough skin and superhuman abilities , Vixen is currently the strongest female Shura in her hometown She moves very quickly, able to dodge attacks with ease and uses her claws as her main weapon, strong enough to slice through steel, and has keen insight. In some strange occurrence, Beta detects an unknown energy from within Vixen whenever she is furious or intimidating, boosting her abilities. Beta describe the energy 'sinister' and 'ominous'.

Trivia: Vixen is a longtime friend of Quentin, becoming his girlfriend later. She joins the NanoCorps once she learns about her boyfriend’s activities and few members thought she only joins them cause she is the leader’s girlfriend, but Vixen proves them wrong as she shows them her superhuman abilities. Unknown to most mercenaries, Vixen has a secret that it is not from this world and only Quentin and Zeke knew of her secret...something sinister

The Ancient Deity
Name: Flare Phenix

Age: 10,000+

NanoCorps' Rank: Front Line/Aerial Recon/Bruiser

Gender: Female

Height: 7'7"

Race: Deity

Appearance: Flare’s appearance is a young human-phoenix being with slim curvaceous body with large breasts, long curly golden hair with scarlet linings, golden wings on her back with scarlet on the tip of her feathers and she has elf like ears. She wears a red tube top with gold linings showing her cleavage and midriff, long golden sari-like skirt with scarlet linings and flame like patterns and red ballet flats with gold linings.

Personality: Flare has a short temper, especially if anyone call her old, but she can be very nice and friendly unless she's not provoked. After joining the NanoCorps, she toned down her temper a bit, becoming more social and become good friends with Slyphy.

Powers & Abilities: As a Phoenix, Flare has superhuman abilities and can revive herself from her ashes if she is killed and possess powerful fire magic that burns her targets into crisp. Trained by Vixen, she is an expert at hand to hand combat, but she's more excel at flight.

Trivia: Flare joins the NanoCorps just for ‘fun’ and seems to enjoy it very much. She warns them about not talking about her age or she’ll have a meltdown and burns the entire area, but she able to control her temper often.

The Wings of Defender
Name: Veil

Age: Unknown

NanoCorps' Rank: Front Line/Tank/Shield/Aerial Recon

Gender: Female

Height: 8”

Race: Angel

Appearance: Veil’s appearance is a beautiful and very tall young woman with very long platinum blonde hair that tied into a ponytail, curvy and athletic body with large breasts, angel markings on her thighs, and large angel wings with gold colored on the feathers’ tip. She wears a golden valkyrie armor with helm that has feathers on top, cloth wrap around her waist, golden gauntlets with feathery shoulder pads and gladiator sandals.

Personality: Veil is a prideful, strict, and stoic angel with a sense of justice who wants to caste any evil and malicious into the pits of hell, and like Alanna, she too wants to get the job done as quickly as possible. However, she respects her leader and very loyal to her teammates. Veil and Rine despise each other, but grudgingly works together if they are on a mission.

Powers & Abilities: With superhuman abilities, high speed regeneration, ability to fly and summons her magical giant lance and tower shield, Veil is a very powerful angel and a very skillful lancer, able to pierce through the toughest armor with ease. And possess extremely powerful holy magic that said it can wipe out humanity with a simple spell.

Trivia: Veil was recruited by none other than the demon Rine and it was rather an intense one. Veil was sent down to kill the ‘Scarlet Demon’ for the responsible for killing the people and soon encounter the demoness while she was on a mission. Veil and Rine fought each other for the past few hours, neither one of them backing down and with their high speed regenerations, the fight will surely go on for hours until Quentin and the group stop the fight and explains the angel what happened to Rine’s past. Veil, still not convinced of Rine’s change of heart, decided to join the group and keep watch of any Rine’s malicious activity.

The Crimson Demon
Name: Prosperine 'Rine' Vaulder

Age: Ageless

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Bruiser/Demonic Fighter

Gender: Female

Height: 8'2"

Race: Ancient Demon/Human

Appearance: Prosperine appears to be a young tall beautiful ageless woman with slender yet curvaceous figure, very large round breasts with wide hips, very long red hair with tint of black at the end and large bang that cover her right eye, and a beauty mark on her left side of the chin. Her right arm is covered in ancient demon's language, red left eye and dark right eye with dark purple iris She wears a long black trench coat with demonic design that only buttoned between lower chest and belly button, black hunter hat, black bikini top and mini-skirt, and thigh high heel boots.

Personality: Once a feared demoness bent on destruction on humanity, Rine joins the NanoCorps to atone her sins and her personality changes back to the once she was. Rine is upbeat and a bit of tomboy as she hangs out with the men most of the times and develops a crush on Viz, but she still retains her demon side and still doesn't trust humans yet. She views Veil as her rival and often gets into a fight with her, but doesn't seem to mind working together with the angel.

Powers & Abilities: Along with her superhuman abilities, Rine uses her powerful demonic powers to destroy her targets and creating weapons, usually her sword and shotgun. Her demonic powers can regenerate her wounds at high speed, making her very dangerous.

Trivia: Prosperine and her demon father’s relationship is not on good terms, in fact, Rine wants to kill him if sees him again and has a grudge on G.O.D who kills her mother and started the Scarlet Massacre. In secretly, Rine and Viz started dating once the two get to know each other, both having terrible pasts. Rine and Veil have been fighting each other most of the time due to being an angel and a demon, but they do not intend to kill each other (due to both have regeneration and Quentin's orders).

The Curious Majin
Name: Majin Amber

Age: Ageless

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Tank

Gender: Female

Height: 9'10"

Race: Majin

Appearance: Amber is very tall, curvaceous humanoid Majin with pink skin, black nails, long black hair with bangs. red eyes and black sclera, and four long antennas located between head and neck. She wears the traditional Majin clothing: black tube top with yellow lines and black vest, white baggy pants, black belt with Majin symbol, and black ballet flats with yellow linings

Personality: Amber is very friendly, curious, laid back, and fearless Majin who joins the mercenaries just for fun to hunt down dangerous criminals, but she can be very ditsy. She and Vixen are really good friends and her relationship with the other mercenaries are very well, even doesn't mind Danny to flirt on her, though the other female mercenaries remind her not let him get near her.

Powers & Abilities: With immense superhuman abilities, high speed regeneration, ability to absorb objects instead of people, and mimicry her allies’ moves using her elements, Amber is one of the strongest members and top strongest female members in NanoCorps. One of her favorite ability is Candy Beam, a unique technique that changes the target into candy.

Trivia: Amber joins the NanoCorps just for fun and curious of what powers they have and willingly share them with candy which they politely decline due to one of her ability to change people into candy.

The Roegadyn Knight
Name: Sapphire Kindlaentwyn

Age: 24

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Shield

Gender: Female

Height: 7’3"

Race: Roegadyn (Seawolf)

Appearance: Sapphire is a tall woman with long dark blue hair, light blue eyes and a beauty mark under her left eye, and, like other female Roegadyns, has large muscular yet slim build and has pale skin. While off-duty, Sapphire wears a female version of Roegadyn clothing (Bodice, Armguards, Legstraps, Sandals) colored black with NanoCorps’ initials on the front and when on the mission, she wears a black feminine heavy armor with tattered cloth around her waist, horned helmet, and heeled boots. Sapphire carries a powerful Diamond Greatsword on her back.

Personality: Sapphire is a proud, honest, steadfast, and fearless woman who wants to see the world by becoming an adventurer. She enjoys hunting down criminals and stopping diabolical plans from harming citizens. Sapphire respects the members of NanoCorps and likes to flirt with Richie who also flirts with her, hinting that they have a crush on each other.

Powers & Abilities: Trained under the dark knight masters in Eoreza, Sapphire is a very powerful warrior who wield her greatsword with ease which took notice by another dark knight Revenant, and thanks to Beta’s enhancement to her armor, she can tank any oncoming threats without worrying its durability..

Trivia: Sapphire, along with Sollenne, was recruited by Revenant when the two was founded in the forest. The two Eoreza residents doesn’t remember how they enter in the new world, but they do remember a certain shadow like man approaches them before they black out.

The Royal Huntress
Name: Valerie Zethdra

Age: 18

NanoCorps' Rank: Markswoman/Tactician

Gender: Female

Height: 5’11"

Race: Human

Appearance: Valerie is a beautiful young woman with long full blonde hair, hourglass shaped body, and light purple eyes. She wears a burgundy colored victorian dress that reveals her cleavage and a frilly collar with her family’s golden locket attached, black gloves, black stockings, and burgundy flats with a black bowtie. Valerie carries a musket on her back.

Personality: Valerie has a gentle demeanor and cares very deeply to those who around her, willing to protect that is precious to her. Though, being the last survivor of the House of Zethra assassination, Valerie is very disgruntled and grimace if someone mentions her family and her past, and still wants revenge on the one who plan her family’s death.

Powers & Abilities: Valerie is very talent with guns, especially with her musket, and has great accuracy, and learns few martial arts before meeting Vixen. After being implanted with Atomic's Ω DNA, she becomes a very powerful huntress. The DNA gives her immense superhuman abilities, high-speed regeneration, and dense skin. It also changes her eye colored red when using the DNA.

Trivia: Atomic and Slyphy discover Valerie outside her now destroyed mansion, battered and bloody. The two giants quickly take her back to their headquarter to treat her wounds and Beta suggest to implant Atomic’s Ω DNA since it was a success for Orn. After the treatment was completed, Valerie thanks the NanoCorps for saving her and was being offered to join their ranks as Zeke read her biography and talents. Though still hurt that her family was gone and wants revenge, Valerie agrees to join the NanoCorps, hoping one day she’ll find her family’s killers.

The Immortal Witch
Name: Aradia Rhiamon

Age: Ageless

NanoCorps' Rank: Mage

Gender: Female

Height: 5'12"

Race: Human(?)

Appearance: Aradia has very long and wild black hair with pink highlights and bangs with feathery like strands that cover her left eye, has a slender, voluptuous figure, pink eyes and black sclera, and a glowing pink gem on her chest. She wears a revealing black dress with large sleeves and black feathers at the end, slits in the front revealing her legs and pink rhinestones on the sides. Large black and pink witch hat that conceals her face, black leggings, and black heeled slippers with rhinestones on top.

Personality: She was once called the 'Witch from Hell' due to her very violent and sadistic nature, and a very dangerous mage. But after joining the NanoCorps and became friends with them, she tones down to the point where she becomes kind-hearted, wise, and mature woman, but still has some violent nature when going on a mission, even starting to have murderous feelings on her targets. Aradia gets along with most mercenaries, except for Danny and his pervy ways..

Powers & Abilities: Aradia is possibly the most powerful mage in the group. While learned all basic and master level of magic, she mainly uses the flames of Hell and brimstone to cinder her targets to ashes. She recently acquired a new magic that causes some mercenaries to get chill down to their spines: Size Manipulation: the ability to alter sizes.

Trivia; Aradia has a fantasy of changing the female mercenaries’ sizes, growing them to the height she desires and shrinking the male mercenaries down to a mere flea size. Few mercenaries asked where she came from and simply smiles, saying ‘from the depths of Hell’ and then laughs, not sure if she is joking or not.

The Ultimate Esper
Name: Ella ‘Nova’ Waldberg

Age: 23

Height: 6’2"

Race: Human

NanoCorps' Rank: ESP

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ella is a tall, young woman with a curvaceous figure and very long dark green hair, and piercing green eyes. She wears a dark green dress with black feathers on collar and the dress ends, a large belt around her waist with a purple bat-like wings shaped buckle, and low heeled black pumps. .

Personality: Due to being a subject of a top secret superhuman program and going through intense and horrific experiments, Ella is a very quiet, cold, and distance woman who does not trust anyone and will not hesitate to harm them if come closer to her. After joining the NanoCorps, Ella starts to trust her teammates more, eventually becoming friends with Reza, Slick, and Sasha.

Powers & Abilities: Ella was said to be the secret project’s ‘ultimate weapon’, able to conjure, control, and master the four basic elements(fire, water, earth, air), possess extremely powerful psychokinesis, and immense superhuman abilities, making her one of the strongest mercenaries, top ten strongest female members, and strongest esper in NanoCorps. Ella has little to none martial arts if choose to fight in close combat, but after training under Vixen, she becomes a much better fighter and uses her elements to enhanced her fighting style

Trivia: Ella was rescued and recruited by the NanoCorps as the mercenaries raided the secret project’s hidden hideout to stop the experiments on innocent citizens. At first, she was having trust issue and almost attack them, but was calm down by the youngest member Reza, telling her their heroic actions and the leader’s kindness. While still not trusting them, Ella agrees to follow them and escapes the hideout and later becomes a member of the NanoCorps.

The Young Miss Reaper
Name: Unknown (Reza by Sasha)

Age: 13

Height: 5’3”

Race: Human

NanoCorps' Rank: Stealth/Assassinate

Gender: Female

Appearance: Upon been discovered inside the NanoCorps’ headquarters without being detected, the young teenage (later named Reza) wears only a ragged dirty white dress and barefoot, and long wavy black hair that covers her right amber eye. After officially joining the group by displaying her strong and terrifying powers, the girl now wears a Lolita style dress colored in black, silver, and yellow with a hood and NanoCorps’ symbols on the back, black leggings and heeled black boots with similar colors. She is currently the youngest(minus Alpha and Delta being created) member of the group

Personality: Reza speaks little to none, but shows very high intelligence and very cunning to fool her targets. She’s very shy and reclusive to public view, but gets comfortable around the mercenaries, mainly Sasha, viewing her as her big sister.

Powers & Abilities: Reza has an ability to blend into darkness like Sasha and has a dangerous magical power that allows her to absorb life force from her targets, killing them instantly, but with enough training from Aradia, she’s able to control her power to leaving the targets exhausted instead of killing them. She is also very stealthy as she was able to enter the NanoCorps’ headquarters without raising the alarms, almost matching the master of stealth, Zark, who take great interest in her.

Trivia: Reza sometimes hum when not on a mission or assist Sasha with her duties which is cute to some mercenaries. but can be creepy when she kills a person while humming. She enjoys playing around with Atomic as he lets her climb his body and joins Orn, Shadow, and Ryx’s meditation.

The Elegant ’Angel’ Garlean
Name: Sollenne vin Baufotanc

Age: 29

Height: 6’6”

Race: Garlean (later reveal to be Elezen)

NanoCorps' Rank: Frontline/Swordswoman

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sollenne is a tall, slender female Garlean who wears intimidating yet elegant suit of white feminine armor over a long blue coat and a horned helmet bearing a glowing blue visor and ceruleum cannons attached to the back of both hands. Upon removing her helmet, she reveals to be a beautiful Elezen with long silver hair and blue eyes. She carries twin silver gunblade on her back.

Personality: Unlike most Garleans who show their power hunger and tyrant personalities, Sollenne has a calm and kind-hearted demeanor, even has a generosity side of her which is not common among the Imperials. However, even if means to protect her friends or seeing one of her allies being captive by an enemy, Sollenne will become a vicious and remorseless warrior that many fear her.

Powers & Abilities: Sollenne is a skilled swordswoman and markswoman, and a skilled pilot of machina especially her custom Magitek Armor created by Beta. Once empowering herself with magitek, surrounded in white aura and gains magitek wings, granted her the ability to fly, Sollenne’'s abilities are boosted giving her almost superhuman strength and blinding speed allowing her to vanish and appear in the blink of an eye.

Trivia: Despite being one of the top Imperial ranks and receive high praise of her skills, even the leaders of Garlean Empire take notice of her abilities, Sollenne leaves the empire due to so much conquest and innocent people were killed by them. She, along with Sapphire, was recruited by Revenant.

The Nanomachines Gynoid
Name: Delta


Height: 5’6”

Race: A.I

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon/Aerial Recon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Delta’s body is slender and narrow waist with silver armor, along with series of glowing light blue lines at the end of her armor, spikes on her shoulders, mechanical wings that can be folded into her back, long tail, heeled feet, slender hands, steel thin like waist cape and three antennas on her head, glowing light blue eyes, and long sheet of armor on her head, acting as her hair.

Personality: Like Beta and Alpha. Delta does not have emotions and has free will, obeying the leader’s commands and following orders from the other mercenaries. She does have some feminine personality, even walks like a female, causing an eye candy for Danny.

Powers & Abilities: As her own body made of nanomachines, Delta's superhuman abilities can reach to the point where she can almost match both Atomic and Alpha's immeasurable strength and durability. Her wings grant her to fly and soar at top speed, the nanomachines can shape shift any body parts into lethal weapons like swords.

Trivia: Delta confirms to be one of the stronger mercenaries and possibly the strongest female hunter in the group. Beta assign Delta to help with Gardenia’s activities and gather resources for the others.

The Futuristic Lancer
Name: Trella Yoome

Age: 15

Height: 5’4”

Race: Human

NanoCorps' Rank: Recon/Markswoman

Gender: Female

Appearance: Trella is an average height, slender teenage girl with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes. Wearing a cybernetics silver corset armor with skirt and neon blue lights, a scanner attaches to the side of her face, cybernetics gloves, and heeled boots.

Personality: Very friendly and outgoing, Trella is the second friendliest hunter in the group, right beside Amber. She loves to team up with anybody and tries to create a ‘super combo move’ when about to finish off an enemy. However, her cheerful personality can be an annoyance to few mercenaries like Cross when she asking a bunch of questions about his life.

Powers & Abilities: With a help from Delta, Trella creates a cyber corset style battle armor that greatly enhanced her abilities and a giant cyber lance that acts as both spear and laser gun. Her scanner can track down her targets and obtain details from them.

Trivia: Trella is the second youngest huntress to join NanoCorps. She lost her family in a terrible accident when asked about her parents' whereabouts and misses them every day before joining the mercenaries and starts to believe that the NanoCorps is a big family to her.

Mission Status Reports

Accomplished Missions: 100,000+
Mission Failures: 0
Individuals Rescued: 200
Most Wanted List Captured (Alive): 10,000+, (Dead): 5


Currently there are no other bounty hunter group that can match the NanoCorps' nearly perfect missions.

There is only one wanted man who gave the NanoCorps a hard time and is called the most dangerous, unpredictable, and evil mastermind that had the world crumble to its knees and that man is Gentleman of Darkness or G.O.D. for short.

The Man of Shadows
Name: Unknown (Goes by Gentleman of Darkness or G.O.D)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 6'7"

Appearance: G.O.D appears to be a tall slim being who is made of darkness, has glowing red eyes and mouth and shadow like fog appears beneath his feet. He wears a black three piece gentleman's suit, black shoes, top hat, and long cape. He carries a black sword hidden cane.

Personality: G.O.D is menacing, heartless, cunning, and sadistic-even speaking under his name send people in fear. He often tortures his enemies-or rather his preys-before killing them. He also has a habit of letting them know he is here by doing his laugh before striking them within the shadows. He holds a grudge against the NanoCorps after they foiled his plan to cover the world in darkness, especially towards the leader, Quentin.

Powers & Abilities: G.O.D is a strong swordsman thatareometimes pushes Alanna to the wall and wounded York when confronted, but cannot defeat the hunters' strongest swordsman, Ryx. He can uses shadow abilities that is similar to Sasha; entering the shadows and reappear from another shadow. While most of his abilities is strong, G.O.D's most terrifying ability is his endless cloning that would push his enemies into exhaustion and will go for the kill.
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