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Rated: 13+ · Novella · Drama · #2108051
psychological mystery drama
He never knew the right decesions to make in his life, but it seemed to mostly turn out for him. He walked slowly down the narrow muddled pathway. He was entranced and deep within his own thought As he typically was. " What a Fucking night". His course hands reached into his tweed suit coat to swiftly pull out a smooth leather pouch. What he uncovered was his one of his favorite things, a simply pass time that brought him much of his joy. Loose tobacco! He buried his nose in the bag and took in a deep wif. " this is all I need at the end of a Long day!" he took out his rolling papers and quickly rolled it into its slender tube shape and jammed it into his mouth and as quick as a flash struck his match and lit it up. A deep inhale followed by a slow smooth exhale. " what did you get yourself into this time John." He looked around the street seeing the leering eyes through the deshevled windows, if you could call them that. " This is the birth of a new nation!? This is the pinnacle of the 19th century?" he spit on the ground in disgust. John was a young doctor in his prime he had his ups and downs and saw much pain and misfourtune but this was not the cause of his anguish. He was born with a wooden steak through his heart and so misfourtune seemed to follow. He was magnetized to the decrpied the broken and sad. This was the thing that made John such an amazing psychologist he had such great empathy. So much so he seemed to carry on the burdens of his patients for much longer that were necessary. " I need to finish this book, I can never make my mark on the world with this thorn of a Hospital in my side." " I most certaintly should have taken the position in America a booming country so much chance for fucking success!" he took his palm and rubbed his eye as the smoke wisped in front of his eyes.

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