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The letter begins correctly. I didn't think it needed to be for the Item title.

January 9, 2017

PureSciFiPlus aka
Address unknown
City, State, Zip unknown

Dear Me,

     Another year has come and gone. It’s time to make my goals for the upcoming year. Hopefully, I will do better with these goals than I did last year. Some said that I had too much on my plate, that I couldn’t eat it all. Maybe they are right. I did have a lot of goals to accomplish. That’s not going to happen this year because I only have five goals to complete before the year ends. They are pretty much the same as 2016. But I’m dropping some too. Mostly my Short Stories.

     I did get a lot accomplished last year. Every month I participated in the Power Reviewer Raid. Only one month I didn’t get any GPs for it. But that’s my fault. I created some C-Notes for the group. And I thought they were considered items for review. They are. Just not by me. Every month since then I had given them out to the others when it was their time to get it. I’m going to continue doing it this year too.

     Another thing I did last year was to upgrade my Upgrade membership to Premium. I also started a secondary Upgrade account on my birthday. After creating it, I started writing in it exclusively to build up my GPs. My aim was to get enough GPs to start a Premium account with it too. I might even consider switching my primary account to my secondary one aka my birthday. I’m not sure if I am going to do that or not. The reason I probably wouldn’t is because I kind of like having my anniversary the same month as the WDC.

     The five goals I have for this year are Reviewing, the monthly WDC contest, My Novel Challenge, My Movie Script Challenge, and my Television Show Challenge. I will explain each one so that it’s easier for me to remember them. They are:


     I’m going to continue reviewing every month as much as I can. Only this year I have decided to blog you. If you have a blog, I’m going to review it. It maybe the whole blog or it may be individual entries within it. I have already started doing that with a Power Reviewer activity.

     It’s their tenth anniversary, and they are celebrating it by honoring those in the group. I’m one of them. In fact, I was the first none Captain to be honored. I don’t know if that means anything or not. You will have to ask them. But it means something to me. It’s saying to me that I am considered one of the best, if not the best, reviewer in the group. Once again, you will have to ask them about that.

The Official WDC Monthly Contest

     Every month the WDC has a contest for its Upgrade members and above. The top prize is equivalent to $100.00 in GPs. There are two other prizes. One is for $50.00, and the other one is for $25.00. I had already won one of the fifties a few months ago. I’m trying to do it again. Only this time I’m aiming for the one hundred.

     Except for this month, there is three contest that alternates between them. They are; What a Character!, Short Shots, and Journey Through Genres. My goal is to enter all of them, and win, this year. Last year I think I missed one or two. And the last seven or eight were with my PureSciFiPlus account.

My Novel Challenge

     I know that I was going to do this last year. But with everything on my plate I didn’t even get them started. I'm definitely going to do it this year. Out of the three challenges, this one is the easiest on to make a guarantee with. After all, they are just the Chapter Outline for my Novels. I might include the first chapter in them too. Haven’t decided on that. What do you think? Will it make it easier for you to decide which one I should continue on with into a published Novel?

     The GPs I’m going to be giving for each review is still the same. But since I started a blog there are only going to be fourteen Novel possibilities. Actually, there are only going to be seven because they are a series. You will still get the GPs if you review all fourteen of them. You'll just be voting on the series. Not the individual Novels. This challenge doesn’t include the four or five non-Science Fiction Novels I’m going to be starting in my PureSciFiPlus account. I know I can have up to twenty-five Novels. But I’m saving the last ten for a ten part series.

     I have been thinking about this or the last two weeks. In fact, it's been two weeks to the day since I entered this contest. And I have changed my mind. Since I can't decide which seven series' to do I'm going to do fourteen instead. In the middle of each one, I do a preview of the upcoming novel or that series. So, it's not like I won't be just doing seven after all. The number of GPs you can get for each one will remain the same, fourteen. But now it's going to be even harder to decide which one you think I should continue on to completion.

The Movie Script Challenge

     Like the Novel challenge, I intended to do this one last year too. But I didn’t even get around to it. I think I opened the Folder for “The Problems with Death” and “Seasonal Storms.” But I didn’t do anything with them. I definitely am going to this year. I’m leaving out all my Short Story entries except for the WDC contest each month so that I have more time to work on them.

     Only the Outlines and Treatments will be part of the challenge. So, it won’t be too bad. But not as good as the Novels. The Treatments will be pretty long. And the Outlines aren’t much better. But don’t worry, the GPs for them will be bigger too. So there’s more incentive to review all fifteen of them. And to vote on which one you would like to see on the big screen.

The Television Show Challenge

     This is the hardest challenge for me to accomplish this year. And I might not be able to do it. But I am going to try. Not only am I writing up an Outline and Treatment for the first two, or in one show three, hour pilot, but I’m going to do a brief old fashion type description for the first two years worth of episodes. That’s one hundred and five episodes. By today’s standards, that equals just over five years. But I figure if the daytime serials can do it on a five-day weekly basis so can an evening show for one day.

     Of course, the GPs will be a lot bigger too. So, reviewing all fifteen of them add a lot of GPs to you. If you are trying to get as many GPs as I am then, this is definitely the challenge for you. You will get them with the other two too. But this one will be about twice, if not more, as much as them. And the best part is that you will get to vote, with or without a review, on which one you would like to be made into a television series.

I’m still waiting on a few contest that I entered in December that I hopefully won. Including the one for the WDC. So, that could add to my GP totals too. There is one more thing that I’m going to be doing this year that I didn’t the last one. That’s to AutoReward all of my stories. That includes an activity that I started last year. It should have been completed by the end of December. But because of illness, it got extended to January. That’s the only other Short Story contest that I’m going to be entering this year.

                                         Keep on writing,

                                         PureSciFiPlus aka

Letter Word Count = 1,371

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