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Even after 25 years, you can still learn something about your spouse. A Bard's Hall Entry
The Anniversary Trip

“Wow! Look at that view, Doris. Breathe in that crystal clear air.”

“You know I don’t like heights and it’s 42 below. My nose is so red it makes me look like Rudolph!”

“You’re the one who wanted to get away. As I recall, you said ‘just the two of us.’ Well, here we are. Look around; it’s just the two of us.”

“I was thinking the Caribbean. You know, warm sand, drinks with umbrellas. When did you become a mountain man? At home I can’t even get you to empty the garbage. ”

“I thought you would enjoy this. After 25 years, we’ve become too set in our ways and I thought this would be something different, something … less predictable.”

“Well, you’ve succeeded. With all this gear on, I’m not even sure we’re recognizable! Now, tell me again why we’re on this contraption and why we need to go to the top of Kilimanjaro today?”

“It’s the adventure of it all! Snowplowing on the bunny hill was yesterday. Today, we get to test our …”

“Whoa! We’re stopped! Jim, why aren’t we moving?”

“I’m sure it’s only momentary, Doris. These ski lifts are notorious for stopping. Probably a snowboarder got caught in the gears or something. Just relax, enjoy the view.”

“That was mean to say!”

“Not really. You’ve seen the way those little shits whiz by us, cutting us off. Yesterday one circled me laughing. I hope it’s him.”

“Jim! That’s just cruel.”

“Yeah, but well deserved.”

Sigh. “We’re still not moving.”

“Doris, look at me. I’m sitting right next to you. I know we’re still not moving. Would you like me to rock the chair? I can get it moving!”

“Don’t you dare!”

“OK, OK! You didn’t have to hit me. “

“I’m surprised you felt it.”

“Yeah, with all this winter gear on …”

“No, I was referring to your thick skin!”

“Sarcasm! Nice one, Doris. Seriously, even after all these years, that’s one of the things I love about you. I know I can be a curmudgeon at times but you always keep your sense of humor and you’re always calm no matter what happens. How do you do that?”

“I busy myself with other things so I don’t dwell on whatever the problem is. When things get really bad, I clean the toilet.”

“Really? Clean the toilet? I don’t see how that helps.”

“I use your toothbrush.”

“Wha …? What did you just say?”

“Oh good, we’re moving again.”

“Don’t change the subject!”

“OK, I won’t. Speaking of toilets, I really have to pee. I hope they have a bathroom at the top.”

An entry for "The Bard's Hall Contest
Prompt: Dialogue Only. You are at a popular ski resort, and you and your best friend, OR worst enemy, (YOU get to choose which one) are stuck on the ski lift together while repairs are made to get it up and running again.
Word Count: 449
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