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Nature reveals herself

" Reflections "

Reflections on a sparkling lake
where waves play unconfined.
Ripples in the morning fog
paint portraits in my mind.

The solitude of early spring
has led me to this place.
Where all of nature shines anew
and shares her special grace.

The shafts of sunlight on my skin
warm me to the core.
The scent of pine upon the wind
drifts in from nearest shore.

A Heron swoops to catch a fish
and does so with such ease.
He spreads his wings and soars free
so high above the trees.

The tender buds will open soon
as leaves of green return.
Then gentle rains will fall to earth
and feed the forest fern.

I have found that now and then
a time of peace prevails.
When not a single soul is there,
no sirens, boats or sails.

Life it seems has found a way
to compensate for haste
but earth will have the final say
and keep its spirit chaste.

Finch the light
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