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A Contest Entry for "Dear Me".
Dear Me,
Hi! It’s you—from the past—writing a resolutions letter to my future self!
So, here we go.

Resolution for 2017 #1: Organize our Portfolio by April. I mean, come on! It’s messy and has no organization what so ever! So this is why it’s number one.

#2: Finish learning Spanish and German by March. Yes, we both know that me—the past self—is struggling with German, so that’s why it’s here.

#3: Actually learn how to code beyond beginners coding before the end of January. I mean, we already know about the loop-di-loops and the forevers and… well, you get the picture.

#4: Learn guitar WELL, so we can move on to drums, by May. What I mean is so good that we dream about the guitar in our sleep.

#5: Write a good song by March. So we can sing it without cringing.

I hope that I do these in the future! Only you and the Creator knows if I am or not.

Jade Amber, the past self


Dear Past Me,

Hi, past self. This is you, two years into the future, coming back and reading this short resolutions list to me, and to answer some questions you, and possibly others, may have.

"Did I organize my portfolio?" Of course. Got to keep things nice and neat so people can find items better, and along the way I've added some more even if some of those items are unfinished. *Whistle*

"Am I fluent in Spanish and/or German?" What do you think? But to be honest, for 10th grade you're going to be taking Spanish 1 so you'll be able to learn more Spanish and how to get the vocabulary right! Yay… But yeah, way to be overly ambitious, past self.

"Am I fluent in code?" Nope, never got past the basics of coding. I wanted to fix that by taking an after school class but never did, so I don't think that will ever resurge in my life. Who knows? Future Future Me may surprise us both.

"Can I play the guitar well?" I'm a little rusty since I gave that up rather quickly, but if I refreshed my memory I could probably play a decent song. I also tried learning the drums so I could play just like Josh Dun, but that also didn't happen. I'm trying to get back into playing the piano but we'll see how that goes. I'm not giving up on that one yet.

"Am I amazing at writing music now?" I never was. Writing music has never been a strong suit of ours, and I am never bringing that cringy mess back. Ever.

"So, I guess I haven't done anything interesting, huh?" Do you seriously think that my life was just revolving around those five things in my life, and that if I didn't accomplish them, my life would be over? "…Yeah?" Wrong answer, kiddo.

You see, not doing those things gave me space to do more in the things that I actually loved, like acting and later on dancing! I got to learn more about how to act better, I even got some congratulations on playing Fabian in Twelfth Night because of my hard work and dedication to learning more about my character!

"Was it hard?" You better believe it was, with Ashley not letting me back out and telling me to keep going. And it all paid off in the end because where most everyone wasn't entirely sure on what their character was saying because they didn't do the process, I was soaring high and understanding where my character stood and why my character was talking to certain people and why he said those exact words at that exact time! It was amazing!

"What about dancing?" What about it? "You mentioned that later on, you started dancing. Tell me about it!" Okay, so more recently, where I'm from, Ashley got fired. "No!" Yep. It was pretty sad to see her go. "Why was she fired?" I'm not entirely sure, but I think it had to do with the guy calling the shots was a bit irritating to work with and maybe he wasn't good at seeing the repercussions about doing what he did, or maybe he was just a jerk and the thought of leading a business got to his head. I'm not sure.

"Wow." Yeah, it was tough but guess what? "What?" The loss of Ashley wasn't a full loss on my end. "How?" Well, this is where dancing comes in. So you know how it seemed like you couldn't do anything outside of theatre because you felt inclined to be at every class and rehearsal and have all your attention focused on just theatre and school? "Uh-huh." Well, Ashley getting fired opened so many doors of things you could do, like soccer and dance!

"Wow! So why did you choose dance over soccer? I wanted to get back into soccer again." And I did too, and still do, but soccer is seasonal whereas dance is for the full school year, plus when we did Mary Poppins… "WE DID MARY POPPINS?" Yep, but I'll save that story for later. When we did Mary Poppins, during Step in Time there was a tap number that I, of course, wasn't in since I had never taken tap before. But seeing those girls tap out those beats made me decide that I wanted to do tap and hip hop since I imagine hip hop and dance choreography have some similar elements.

"So how was dance?" I don't know, my first class is this Wednesday and I'm super excited. I wish you could see me tap out beats on the Averitt stage in the future. "That would be awesome but impossible."

So yeah, just because I haven't fully learned how to code or play an instrument or even how to speak in fluent German does not mean that those are my only hobbies. I will find new hobbies that I like in the future and maybe stick with the hobbies I have now. Is that okay? "…Yeah, I guess." Great. Now enjoy 2017 while you can. I gotta go do more pre-tests for school. Here's to 10th grade, I guess.

"Bye, 2019."

Bye, 2017.
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