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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Environment · #2108730
Penned in a comfortable bed as snow fell out my window, dedicated to those less fortunate
The Great Outdoors

Lying in the gutter
Gazing at the stars
Every shake and every shudder
… how long can this last?
As snow drifts from the canvas
Meandering on down
This night will be a long one
I pray the morning's found
As people mill right past me
Guilt in their disguise
Its what the lost and found see
Our stories in their eyes
With symptoms read as causes
Beginnings viewed in ends
Side effects as reasons
and treason in the trends
The patterns life weaves for us
With threads that fray with time
Darning where life leaves us
The tapestry entwines
A world where we can all live?
Where everyone can climb?
Where everyone can all give,
and earn our place in time?
Awarded on our merits
With medals in our grasp
Sometimes some souls inherit
Flawed castles blown in glass
Blown of glass so fragile
Not built to take the strain
Against life's storms so agile
There are losers in this game
Doesn't matter if you choose it
The gamble ambles in
Someone has to lose it
For someone else to win
For capital we struggle
We have our hands to play
In the aftermath, the rubble
The remains of a long day
Some will climb the towers,
of ivory up high
Some dwell in the bowers
Whilst others lower, lie
With lives set on a different path
Some bad decisions made
Amidst life's unforgiving wrath
A downward spirals played
With destinations noted
Departures are ignored
Origins are disregarded
Only scapegoats are explored
With maps and keys and legends
The cartographers descend
Warning, Here there be Dragons!
and that... is where it ends
In the gutter, 'neath a waning moon
The monsters slowly die
Praying that its ending soon
… as snow falls from the sky
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