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Only Fourteen Days... Help

We started off with breaking a New Year's resolution,
And I told you how it wasn't my fault.
Then we progressed to thinking with my fingers,
Showing how my fingers could show some result.

Day three pulled in some other body parts,
Asking if the government could decide,
What I did, how I did, when I did,
Making most of us take a side.

Day four sent us off on a trip of sorts,
Thinking about the world and where we don't want to go.
Day five has us thinking of traveling also,
But only using our mind as a road.

Day six decided to make us think sneaky thoughts,
About how we would possibly cheat to get ahead.
Day seven has us come up with a new New Year's resolution,
I decided to tell how I would like to stay at home and learn instead.

Day eight sent us looking at things on the net,
Most of them showing how glad I am I don't have money.
Day nine had us thinking how sometimes the worst can be the best,
How we can learn from dark days and turn them sunny.

Day ten had us thinking about how we are so stuck,
With all the electronic gizmos we have around.
Day eleven had us thinking of how we could fill in,
All the time we could have if to the computer we weren't bound.

Day twelve pulled us back onto the computer again,
To see if we could organize things not related.
Day thirteen had us back out in the real world,
Having us admit our musical abilities might be highly over rated.

Now we hit day fourteen which wants us to pull,
All of this fun craziness together on one piece of paper.
This was hard, because I file writing away in my brain,
Because there is only so much room, and it's mentally safer.
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