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by Spoon
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"When I die I hope to travel to the after life, late, in love, and a little drunk."
Vicamic stood in the ring, her eyes basically blazing. She could feel her hair stick to the sweat on her face, as she bounced on her heels. She let her eyes flutter closed, and flexed her hands that were covered by the thick glove.
Now, with her eyes open, she focused on the announcing speaker, calling out the other opponents name.
"Fighting against Vicamic, we have— well, she doesn't really need a introduction because she scares the living crap out of me; Mad Dog Maddie!!" His creaky voice painfully rose along with the crowd, as a burst of music started to play. Vicamic dragged her eyes to the entrance where a large girl was now running her way to the ring.
Maddie looked.. Overweight. Well, she wasn't trying to be rude, but it was the thought that pushed into her mind as she seen her run.
But in no less than a few moments, Maddie slid into the ring and stood, giving Vicamic a look as if she was food. And, not in the delicious way.
"Alright girls," The creaky voice drew closer, and Vicamic caught the small male also slithering into the ring. A large microphone probably the size of his face, was located in his hand and near his mouth. "I want to have a fair fight here alright? No snaking around, and," He glanced back toward the crowd, much to her displease as the screams rose again. "We all know the rules I'm sure."
But he slowly backed away, off to the side, just enough room for the two women to fight.
Now, one would think this was terrifying. But, no. Not at all for the female. Not even the Maddie let out a squelch, and charged right at her, a face now of a hog who just had their food taken away.
Vicamic just bounced on her heel again, before spinning, kicking a leg out, which successfully smacked into the the side of the huge female. But snatching the small grin Vicamic didn't even know she was showing, right from her face a replacing it with a frown.
Maddie had caught the back of her foot with her meaty hand, and pulled her backwards. The world spun, and she almost immediately felt her stomach. But nonetheless, it was pretty how the crowd, the black and white stripes of the creaky speaker, and the ring all blended together.
Intill she landed on her shoulder, slamming into the ground. It felt like someone had reached inside of her her, grabbed her lungs, and ran off. But, it was similar to how she felt after running a few miles, nothing too bad besides the throbbing that now shot down her back and up her neck.
It happened all so fast, and the adrenaline that pulsed through her immediately gave her enough strength to mask the pain in her shoulder, and push herself back up to her bare feet. Although this was all just in time to avoid Maddie's swinging first, that caught her shoulder and and made her stumble all the way to the metal fence that kept the two female's inside the ring.
The fence was cold against her bare lower back and thighs, and it didnt give her any room either. Unable to catch the time she needed to push away off the fence, a harsh, meaty hand met her nose. And it didnt feel good either. Her arms shot to her head trying to block the flurry of fist that followed it.
Vicamic didnt realize how great Maddie was, after all she was one of the people competing for the featherweight championship. The leaner female couldnt gather her thoughts, intill one swing knocked her head, and straight to the ground. Again, all the breath she had was knocked out of her, and her lips parted in a loud grunt as actually hit the floor, her head smacking against the ground. No, she wasnt going to win this. Not at all.
But not giving up hope, she pushed herself off the ground, as Maddie was stopped by one of the woman referee's that made sure everything was all peachy. With heavy breaths, she ran a hand through her slick, raven black hair, it sticking to the sweat on her face.
After a few moments, the referee stepped back, and Vicamic started bouncing of the balls of her feet again, and her opponent did the same, as they slowly neared each other. Soon, just close enough, both the females swung.
The only difference, is Maddie's eyes widened, as Vicamic's shut tight. And also, she dindt feel anything but the side of her balled fist hitting something hard, and the vibration as something heavy dropped to the floor. Vicamic stood there for a few moments, before easing her eyes open, realizing what she just did. Wasnt it the first round too??
Dragging her crystal and cool grey orbs down, they fell upon a limp body at her feet, before she was pulled back by some guys in black going to check if she was alright. Obediently, she retreated back over to a far side against the fence, her heart pounding so loud she thought everyone could hear it. Aha.. Haha.. She just won. Vicamic had just one against Mad Dog Maddie.
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