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hi!this is my 1st book,1 of the scarlett azzalyn series.follow me if u like my Scarl! Thx!
My name is Azzalyn. Scarlett Azzalyn. And what can I say? My life is a mess.
So like, this morning, I was skateboarding to my school, by the way, I'm 13 years old this year, and I'm actually looking forward to this year. Despite my incredibly sucky luck, 13 is when everything happens. In lots of novels I've read, the characters usually decide their fate and destiny or something on the day they turn 13. But honestly, right now? All I feel is absolutely stupid for actually hoping.
So like, I am a 'normal' teenager with a normal 'school life'. If you ignore the fact that my math teacher is actually a demon. Her name is Ms. Lilian, and I loath her. She's a person who gives out 10 pages of homework on the first day of a new semester and gives out 20 on the next day with the most beautiful smile you will ever see. The record was giving 16 times 2 pages of math papers right before the finals.
Today we have a new student, not like I really care. The teacher said it was a boy and his name is Eugene. The moment he walked through the door, every eye latched onto him. He was actually a sight that can be described as pleasant, at least. Black hair that sometimes falls into his crystal blue eyes, and a slightly goofy smile. Then after, he started introducing himself to everyone. The next thing I knew is every single girl talking and giggling among themselves.
Except for me.
I just sat my desk and slept.
I could literally feel I burning gaze that could probably slice a diamond, right on me. But of course I didn't look back to check who was staring at me. Of course it's Eugene the newbie. I mean, I'm not stupid.
The bell finally rang. This time, the girls didn't hurry to rush out of the classroom and instead stayed behind because they were way too busy gossiping about Eugene. I glanced at him. He looked impatient and stared right back at me in the eye.
My gunmetal gray ones.
Instantly, I swear I could almost feel electricity sparking in the air. For one second, two, then three... we tore away our gazes away from each other at the same time. Then without looking back, I continued my way outside the school.
The pathetic, wretched school, a personal hell that creeped the heck out of me.
I carried my skateboard and skateboarded o this huge gray wall some distance away from the school.
'Hey.' I did a fist bump and an arm swack with one of the many guys standing there and shaking their spray bottles.
Our goal today was to spray paint the entire wall with the maximum of 15 minutes without getting caught by the police. Once I actually got caught but at the end was being bailed put by my principal of my school.
The mysterious man, that's who he is.
It is rumored that he practices witchcraft in secret. That's why he was never seen by others. He doesn't have any relatives at all, which is something I find very interesting. All of this is like a dark mask covering his face so nobody could see him. He never did anything with anyone.
Except for me.
But of course I didn't see his face.]
Shaking the thoughts out of my mind, I shook the spray bottle in my hand and held it in front of the gray wall. Mist-like turquoise colored paint trailed after the movements of my hand. Then there was a boy who spray painted a trail of black across my own trails.
'Thanks.' I said, then glanced up. Icy blue eyes seemed to lock mine into them, freezing the insides of me from head to toe. I couldn't look away. Instead, I stood perfectly still, staring into Eugene's eyes. It lasted for what almost seemed like a century to me, until I finally tore away my gaze once again. We stayed silent for a few seconds while the other guys all left.
'So.' He began carefully,' You're Scarlett, right?;
'Azzalyn.' I replied without looking inside Eugene's eyes. I was supposed to be free.
'But the others said -'
'That my name is Scarlett. Yes, it is my name. but call me Azzalyn.' Or else, I silently added in my mind. I'd probably kill you.
Eugene looked curious but didn't ask. Smart move. It's not like I would actually tell hims anyways. He doesn't deserve to know about my, ah, family.
Scarlett is the name given to me when I was still in my mom's stomach by my so-called father.
His name, according to the little information I know about my family, is Xavier. And he's. A. Jerk.
Definitely. He left me and my mother the moment I was born. And you'd have thought my life would get better after that. Nooooo. That was not how things got along. As soon I was born, my mother abandoned me on the streets. Miraculously, I survived the catastrophic event. I lot of things happened after that, including being trained as an assassin and a lot of things you would not want to know about. I survived, but with a miserable and impossible life in front of me.
I left the gray wall, leaving Eugene and a bunch of empty spray bottles behind.
'Ring... Ring..' I took out my buzzling phone and spoke into the speaker. 'Hello?' 'Hey Scarlett! Hang out at 5, okay? You hear me? 5 o'clock it is! Bye!' Then that person hanged up. I sighed with a faint trace of smile dancing on my lips, Kestrel was the only person who insisted on calling me by my first name and didn't care about it.
I quickly jogged towards Kestrel's mansion. She is a millionaire, basically. The kind of buy-old-lady-ten-chairs-on-the-bus kind of politeness instead of the normal give-one-chair-to-old-lady-on-the-bus kind of politeness. I was just about to ring the doorbell when I heard a rustling sound of leaves behind me. My instinct was to pull the dagger hidden inside my boots out and defend myself when I saw a girl jumping out of a bush behind me as I twirled wround. 'Hey Scarl!' Kestrel grinned as she bumped my shoulder with a fist.
Kestrel was wearing a paint bleached jeans with splatters of color here and there, an artistic hairband around her loosened curly, reddish brown lob and a red T-shirt that spells out' U SUCK'. She's really cool in a way, and kind of adopted me, I guess. Like, her parents aren't legally mine or anything, but I do have an excuse to live with her in their humongous mansion. I guess I'm pretty lucky to have her as a friend, but if I actually tell her that, Kestrel would probably start gloating about it and starting to tell every single person she meets that I actually called her cool.
'Come on in Scarl.' Kestrel led me inside the door.

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