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by Laddy
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Biographical · #2108968
A war between desire and fear.
I want to create something beautiful.
But I claim I'm not motivated.
I get started but I'm not dedicated.
And I ask why, I ask how to get out of my rut. But I know that truth is that I'm afraid.

And I'm ashamed of being afraid so I let myself slack off and fail to achieve.

I feel like I only create for someone else,only relate to someone else.
Always trying to do for someone else when what I'm doing should be for myself.

I allow fear to harbor and refuse to discover the impact I make.

I allow myself to dull and hide from any light. What happened to me finding everything so bright?
What happened to that passion, my eyes shining in the light?

I don't wanna stop but I'm afraid to start.
I'm afraid of myself.
Of what I could be.
Afraid to evolve and be the true me.
Afraid to be unstoppable and lead my own life.
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