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by K.HBey
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Couple in love and during wars had to leave each other, they were from different nations.
When would you realize?
In this love garden where flowers smelt heavy perfumes, pulsated of love and enlaced both earth and sky; there, in this remains, our souls met each other for the first and last time.
Our souls lived a burning impatience, were waiting for, with a grandiose fervor, another eternal meeting, in this love garden.
In vain, instead of meeting, our souls escaped, got separated, melt and disappeared finally.

When would you realize?
Even though in the dark of the penumbra where there you were exiled from me, I could see your nonchalance, lived your pride and smelt your perfume.
As most often and like an obsession, your face appeared on my memory, I remembered your last glance and then a deep pain of a frozen joy of an impossible love woke up.
These missing appointments, this exhausted patience and these broken hearts; our souls would never meet.

When would you realize I would never be yours?
Even though our love was carved on our hearts, destiny and like a king, snide, cruel and without any thoughtfulness, erased forever any crackle.
Our enchained hearts of crystal, broken up in thousands facets, made a diamond which reflected love but had never palpitated.

When would you realize?
Our love like water streaming from an abundant fountain in a mirage let you thirsty.
In this obscure path, our love was taken away by a huge amount of waves of bitterness, deceptions and remorse.
Our love which dazzled like a tremendous number of stars, was transformed harshly, in a thunderbolt in a full serene sky, love betrayed us.

When would you realize that you had to forget me and arrest to love me?

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