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Rated: E · Poetry · Experience · #2109040
The Father's love poured out on me, as a child after losing my mother.
Abba's Love
By Kristina Krampe

I used to sleep upon my bed,
With pillow soft, beneath my head.
I'd feel the Father's love pour down.
It filled the room, and soon I found
the flow of tears would slowly cease,
as Abba's love filled me with peace.

No one knew the words He said
as I fell asleep, upon my bed.
The whispers of His love,, so dear,
that drove away the awful fear...
And He made sure that I would know;
Each night I heard Him tell me so.

This tiny child, who lost so much
felt her Father's loving touch.
He stayed and watched me as I slept,
and I am sure,, at times He wept.
He showed me once, inside a dream
the love He had for me, it seemed...

I asked Him for my Mommy, dear
"Please bring her back, just send her here."
But,, sadly, He just shook His head,
grieving for the child who said
to return the Mommy He had took...
How sad, I saw, the Father looked.

I knew that He was grieving for
the child who had her Mom no more.
Each night, by night, He loved me so.
And through the years the girl would grow.
Knowing the Father watched and kept
His love upon her, as she slept.

Now I'm grown and know that He
Continues to watch over me.
So when I hear of Abba's love,
I know it pours from Him above.
and never will He forget to keep
His eyes upon me, as I sleep.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2109040-Abbas-Love