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"A Little Night Music" Sorry Mozart, this isn't about you.
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
(A Little Night Music)
by GeminiGem­čÄ▒

Everyone is asleep except me. My husband stops reading on his Nook and drifts off before I do, as do all six of the dogs. I am alone in my wakefulness, and it is an unfamiliar feeling. Yeah, I am usually the first one asleep. Tonight, sleep eludes me.

I try several of my tactics to get to sleep. I took a shower before bed to feel clean and cool. I took some over the counter medication to calm my aching back and neck. Something is keeping me awake, but I cannot pinpoint it. I try visualization with some deep breathing, muscle tensing and releasing. The sore muscles in my back catch and spasm instead of relaxing. Damn. Now I'm awake and restless.

I try coming up with story ideas. This is not productive and not relaxing. I am not one of those writers who has a billion story ideas racing around their brain. About this time, I realize how quiet our house is. Once I stop fidgeting, I realize it actually is not all that quiet. There was a symphony of sound coming from the sleeping beings who share my bedroom.

I know, I know, snoring has a bad rep. The medical professional in me feels the need to point out that snoring can be a sign of a real medical problem. Most people find snoring to be annoying at best, and downright sleep-depriving at worst. So maybe you are thinking, Ah ha! I figured out the cause of your temporary insomnia!

You couldn't be more wrong.

My husband's snores are not loud. They are regular and soft. They make me think of an advice column I read once, years ago. A woman was complaining about her husband snoring. The answer from the advice columnist was that she found her own husband's snores comforting. It was the way he let her know, I'm right here beside you, where I belong. The columnist also points out that if the woman's husband was in bed, asleep and snoring, he wasn't out running around. Boy, did that hit home.

The other snores are coming from my small dogs. If you haven't heard a small dog snore, let me tell you, there is nothing more adorable. These little sounds make me smile. I had two of them harmonizing in a doggie duet that sound like Basil and Tamale Schnitzel. Colby Jack's voice joins in when one of the first two shifts position..

I listen to the night music in my bedroom. I concentrate on the rhythm, the crescendo and decrescendo of the notes, and pretty soon I drift off to sleep. We will not be discussing if another musician was added to the orchestra this night.

Animated sleeper
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