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Rated: 13+ · Review · Action/Adventure · #2109198
Two books / one about a journalist / one about science out of control
Reviews for the Monthly Reading challenge January 2017

1. The Fixer by Joseph finder {a library audio book from Overdrive read by Steven Kearney}

This story follows the adventures of a young investigative journalist. He decides to leave his job on a newspaper for a better paying job. Now, he is writing soft news which is against his inquisitive nature. His father ends up in a nursing home after a prosperous career as a lawyer.
After he moves into his childhood home he finds himself involved in the investigation of the story he never expected to write. People chase him, he connects with a high school girlfriend and he finds a different relationship with his father that he expected.
He is living in, “a world of danger similar to what his father lived in.” He begins to think, “it was a lot easier to disappear in the 70’s.”
What is the one event that causes all the changes in his life after he moves into his childhood home? Have women really changed so much since he left high school? What happened to turn his childhood friend into a successful business man? The story creates questions and answers as it draws the reader into the folds of adventure. How will it end?

2. The Sixth Extinction by James Rollins (a sigma force novel) (a library e book from Overdrive)

“Extinction is the Rule. Survival is the exception.” The preceding quote is found in the epigraph. If you like fast moving novels about scientific fact woven into a fictitious story, that might happen in some similar fashion this is one to read.

There are notes from the historical record at the beginning of the story. “Greek Fire, an incendiary weapon that could not be put out by dousing it with water.” Apparently the recipe for this was lost for a period time in history.

The Sigma Force deals with a problem built by biological scientists. They need to find the way to stop the spread of a manufactured virus.

It takes them from Mono Lake to the forests of Brazil. It takes some of them to Antarctica. It informs them about exploration done by the Nazis in WWII.

The descriptions of nature are alluring. “Though nightfall was an hour away, the slanting light had transformed the lake into a pearlescent mirror of blues and greens.”

Using the term Genesis the author has created new species. Do You want to meet them​​​? This is a fast paced story. The subjects are up against time. Will they find the solution before the whole world is changed?
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