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this is a letter to Mr. Trump and American people.
America has been famous as a nation for immigrants. people who seek better life and new continent built the nation which became the largest economic giant and global police officer. But this country seem to be tired to accept immigrants and products from Mexico, China and Japan. Do you believe immigrants and foreign businesses hurt your nation’s profits and stall employments from you? I think the situation is more complicated.
At March, 2016, I had been to Los Angeles, California for sightseeing. After long wait at passport cheek corner in the airport, I took a taxi to a youth hostel which I booked in Japan. Inside of the car, I enjoyed scene of Santa Monica, coast city in LA. I saw beautiful sew, ships and essential city through the window, but I also found how big dedication Japan do to the US. I often found car dealers which mainly treat Japanese cars like TOYOTA, HONDA, not so rare, there was a line of Japanese car dealers.
The claim that Japan make so many jobs at the US will be proved by factories. Do you know how many factories Japanese vehicle industry built in the US? So many, so many factories were built by Japanese in the west coast which add thousands, perhaps millions jobs to the US job market.
Mexico and China also add so many jobs to the US, there are so many Americans who earn living cost at factories and office of those countries businesses. Dear Mr. Trump, I know that you get so much support through the election by criticizing those countries for stealing jobs. But time for avoiding fact and making scape code is over, you handle the nation, one of the most influential countries which is not allowed to fail. You should carefully consider whether you move to the hell with your people and the world or handle better partnerships with your allies.
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