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In this world, there is but one truth and nothing more
I've travelled many places and I've travelled many times.

I've had my greatest glories and I've had my cruelest crimes.

There is one absolute truth about the world, and nothing more:

So many yet to discover; so many yet to explore.

I've climbed the highest mountains, the great titans of the land.

I've crossed the desert nightmares--the mirages of the sand.

I've gone through frost and tundra where the heat was out of way,

I've seen the mystic caverns where the darkness hid the day.

I've seen the greatest sculptures that God shaped into their form.

And I've sailed the deepest depths inside the eye of a storm.

I've mastered all the arts and took all knowledge from the wise.

And they all say one must complete his role before he dies.

I've learned so many things in life, with time I trained my soul--

And years have passed, my mind's so clear-- that now I know our role.

That we are all explorers and we all have songs to sing;

That despite we've seen a lot, we have not seen everything.

Our journey hasn't ended, in fact, not even halfway--

As long as we still breathe to sail the sea another day!

There are still things that await us; this world still has much more.

So many yet to discover; so many yet to explore.

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