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In the near future Rick is sentenced to the notorious Draftbrook prison
Draftbrook prison is a setting created by the amazingly talented Ryanna for a series of stories posted on tf-media. Although that site and the original Draftbrook stories are no more you can still find her work at http://fictionmania.tv/searchdisplay/authordisplay.html?word=5321 I strongly recommend checking them out

When the judge sentenced Rick to five years in Draftbrook mixed prison for the armoured car job he had feared the worst. He had heard some real horror stories about Draftbrook. It's strict regimen and the unorthodox method used to enforce it. Each inmate was fitted with an ankle bracelet that monitored their health tracked their location and delivered swift and sure punishment for even the smallest infraction. The hapless rule breaker would be injected with a fast acting compound causing rapid extreme and permanent mutation. Certainly when Rick first arrived he had been frightened and disgusted by all the freaks he would be forced to live with like the skinny guy with a beak for a mouth that would sometimes lay huge eggs or the pretty young girl with a shockingly large and clearly functional penis sticking out of her face where her nose should be and he vowed to be a model prisoner.

As time went on and he settled into a routine he found that life in Draftbrook was not so bad, the people underneath their bizarre changes were mostly just folks, some good some bad, the same as anywhere else. The guards were mostly just working Joes just looking to get through the day and collect their pay-cheque, if you didn't give you them a reason to mess with you they were happy to pretend you didn't exist, in fact as prisons went it could have been a lot worse.

The thing that did most to convince him that life in Draftbrook could be at least tolerable was Alice. Alice was his idea of the perfect woman, legs that wouldn't quit and a rack a guy could lose himself in, as soon as he set eyes on her he fell instantly and deeply in lust. He knew right away he had to have her. Luckily for Rick she had been a working girl on the outside and didn't see any reason to give up her chosen profession just because she was incarcerated. Of course fraternising between inmates was strictly forbidden and her price for taking the risk wasn’t cheap but Rick had some money the cops hadn’t found, he had to have her he didn't care what it cost, it took some time and some tough negotiations to arrange but eventually the reached an agreement.

Alice knew a secluded spot to seal the deal, an unlocked store cupboard that stank of bleach but after almost a year with nothing but his hand and a head full of fantasies for relief Rick didn’t much care about anything beyond getting some pussy. Alice was waiting for him in the dimly lit cupboard wearing nothing but a wicked smile, closing the door behind him he stripped out of his yellow prison uniform and took her in his arms. He was determined to take his time with her despite being almost unbearably horny. His hands roam over her body exploring, making her moan in genuine seeming pleasure. He delights in the soft fullness of her breasts as they kiss long and deep. His hands slide past her slender waist to grab the squeezable peach of her ass. She breaks off and pushes him back a few inches, she gets on her knees and takes him her mouth expertly bringing him to the brink with lips and tongue until his hips are bucking against her face and he groaned that he had to fuck her. They get down on the floor and she straddles him gasping as his thick cock filled her, she rides him reverse cowgirl until she feels him swell inside her and lose his load with a loud grunt. The sensation of his seed splashing inside her triggers her own orgasm and she can't help screaming as pleasure surged through her. They are still locked together gasping for breath in the afterglow when the door flies open and they each feel a painful sting as the devices strapped to their ankles injects them with the mutagenic compound.

Alice is first to understand what is happening she tries to jump up but to her horror she finds she is stuck fast, her legs have fused to Rick's. As she watches they seem flow over his legs enveloping then until her smooth legs have completely replaced his muscular hairy limbs. She continues to struggle even as she feels a growing pressure in her butt, Rick seems to be pressing more and more against her backside until with a pop and a gasp of relief his body below the waist is swallowed up by hers so that her upper body is sticking out from his crotch at a right angle or his body is emerging from her lower back depending on how you are looking at it.

Rick looks down at his transformed body feeling the cold floor through Alice's plump backside for a moment he dares to hope that the worst is over but even as the thought crosses his mind he sees that she is shrinking, melting into him. She notices it too and begins to sob begging to be free pleading for the process to stop but she continues to be absorbed into Rick her waist her breasts her shoulders arms and hair until only her face remains.

"No please, stop I..." she sobs but her voice cuts off suddenly as her mouth twists and reshapes itself into a copy of her pussy replacing Rick's vanished manhood as the last vestiges of her face disappears into Rick's newly feminised crotch leaving only her eyes staring helplessly out at the world. As Rick gets unsteadily to his new feet something wet runs down his thigh and he looks down to see a trickle of cum leaking out of Alice's pussy, although as the guard leads them away to get checked out by the doc he is only just starting to understand that he should be thinking of it as their pussy now.
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