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by K.HBey
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The giant progress in both medicine and culture level though,smoking stays harmful for us
Tobacco is a health public problem.
It was used first by the Amerindian population.
Tobacco was introduced for the first time in Europe in 1556.
Then it was introduced in turkey (Ottoman Empire) and from then to Asia, to China, Japan and Russia. (1623 to1640)
It is evident and as any new product, tobacco was refuted for the first time at its first introduction for moral or religious reasons.
The first demonstration against tobacco was in the early years of the 20th century. In 1950 Evarts Ambrose Graham found the relationship between tobacco and lung cancer and it was rejected. Also many other exhibitions told about the harm of tobacco and were also rejected.
During the 1980's and thanks to many health researches, it appeared definitively that tobacco is harmful for health.
Tobacco has been advertised for many years and it was considered as a sign of emancipation and modernity till the 1980's.

The usage of tobacco stays nowadays a health public problem.
The more health has known a giant step in research, the more the emergence of diseases increases. Even though of the fact that population is more informed about the harm of tobacco by many mass media, the smoking stays a great health problem. During these last years we notice the reemergence of smoking advertising.
The more a big step has been done in preventing tobacco usage, the more the increase of smokers is revealed.

Tobacco is composed by many toxic products, an average of 4000 chemical components and among them nicotine which is considered as a poisoned drug addictive. Classified in three categories, they are all harmful: Nicotine/tars/additives. Most often they destroy respiratory ducts.
Tobacco is considered as a direct factor of the genesis of many diseases and as a direct factor of shortening life expectation.
The usage of tobacco starts most often at adolescence age. Here the teenager starts this drug for discovering it and the illusion of the personality determination.
Then it becomes an addiction and most of teenagers continue smoking when being adult.
The population which is exposed to tobacco is the vulnerable one, the economically poor class which finds in smoking a refuge. Also, most third world countries are exposed to tobacco.

Because of many demonstrations against tobacco are organized each year, many tobacco firms found their selves disappointed and near ruin. Scared to close their firms, they decided to find other ways to let people believe in the safety of their product.
Indeed they have protected themselves by the fact that the consumer is the only responsible of buying tobacco and using it. So they put some warnings on their mark which inform about the toxicity of their product. This is like "tobacco causes cancer".
As they have decided to produce cigarette with filter and both light and electronic ones. All of these cigarettes are harmful for the health.Indeed it is a much protected market.

Tobacco causes many disabling diseases and kills many people around the world.Its
harmful effects involve all the body organs.Lung cancer is the first disease born from tobacco.There are many other cancers. Both heart and vascular diseases are also at the first stage. Coronary heart diseases are the first heart disease in which tobacco is involved. Also, high blood pressure and brain stroke attack are the most vascular diseases in which tobacco is also involved.

Most smokers are well documented about the harm of tobacco, a thing which complicates this
population health dilemma.

The usage of tobacco is not only the matter of consumer but the economic and policy matter as well.
Most of smokers are not enough convinced about the tobacco weaning. That is why the legislation of the commercialization of such toxic can help a lot in the decrease of the usage of such product. Indeed, when the price of taxes arises, this can render difficult the purchase of such product which is used most often by the destitute population.
Also the drug weaning is a difficult process to which the smoker is exposed when he/she is willing to arrest. The substitution and the progressive arrest is the best process which often succeed to arrest tobacco.
Many sensitive exhibitions have been organized around the world using many mass Media and even direct ones at the hospitals to make population sensitive against tobacco. .

Many policy legislation have also been established. Passive smokers have the same risks to smoking as the direct smokers. That is why international legislation have forbidden smoking in public places. These legislation are applied in only some countries.

The commercialization of tobacco by such firms must be also legislated .As such firms can product other healthy products in substitution to tobacco. The sensitization and instead of putting the finger on the consumers, must have another glance which is on tobacco companies.
Till when such companies continue to fish in troubled water and produce such toxic which provokes many heavy diseases and kill many persons. Indeed such companies must realize that the amount of health fees spent because of the usage of tobacco exceeds many times the gain resulting from the selling of tobacco.

Tobacco is an international problem which concerns everyone.
The more smoking is considered as a convivial social fact the more it becomes a weapon against humanity.

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