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by K.HBey
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Freelance writer work is often available as any professional one but it is underestimated
A freelancer writer is someone who likes to write and has a talent to do so.
Many of them do a valuable writing. Such writing lets a freelance writer be proud and confortable with writing as any professional one.
However and most often they have no status which lets them gain with dignity what equals their creative intellectual product. That is to say and most often they write for free.
Indeed there is no real legislation which protects such artists and their products become most often luxurious merchandises to many editors. These last ones do not manage any reserve to harvest all the benefices which are supposed to go to such writers. Indeed they give themselves the right to do so as they are the first publishers of such work.
The great dilemma is met most often with especially foreign writers. Indeed their status renders things complicated. Concurrence becomes harsh and renders money as a difficult currency to deal with, for such writers and lets them think this is the last thing to discuss about.
How much pain and efforts get someone to write especially when we talk about a foreigner who writes in a foreign language. As how much frustration they get when their work is rejected even though their high quality. As and most often they are submitted to the under monetary estimate.
Intellectual product remains a self-propriety and needs to be paid. Indeed and even though writing is a hobby for most freelancers; it stays an artistic work that needs to be evaluated and to be rewarded.
Till when a freelance writer is considered as a stopgap to many web sites and wastes energy for free.
Even though, most web sites get an immense money gain under the name of freelance writer publishers, a freelance writer is like a candle which lights for others but must melt.

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