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Dedicated to you P, whom I met today yet turned around, with a dash of GoT.
Bye! The clock stops, the beat ends
Bye! My only lift, my only gospel
Bye! The only kinswoman that seems to care
That seemed to care, that seemed to care
A cold blooded fault, for we should've known
Bye, you traitor, you treacherous whore.

That is all my envy offered, asked
A sagging at the edges, twisted in morals
This old land's tale, a deluded bye.
Be true, my slouchy heart never believed
But again, which love is plausible?
Passing over Danny and Drogo's, or is it?

Betray, it seems, is below my charming dreams
In a sooty, sunless cranny somewhere
Smirking dusk, smiling dawn
Right inside my prostitute whittled heart
And it has shattered now, into one piece.

It's accursed how you blind eye me
Eyes whom I've slept with
This shredded heart has none to parcel out, beloved
Except a darned invoke steadier than
Lannister's "ashes in your mouth"
And an evening shade of fading love.

Bye, you've swapped me with her, or no her
Bye, the Dub-Thud-Click-Clack is music to my
Gutter was my love's mother, for you beloved,
Winter is coming, indeed a sunless, murky winter
A winter with the marching dead and stinking bastards you alike
When all I had asked for, was a bloody, damned farewell.

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