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A mouse is left behind with some friends and try's to find his way back home.
Chapter 1: One day a little mouse walked up to a big mansion. When the person opened the door they got mad because they thought someone was ding dong ditching at the front door. The giant person slammed the door and yelled , "Those darn kids always trying to prank me!" Little did the person know that the mouse was the one who was knocking on the door. The mouse was so tiny that the person did not see him. Originally the mouse was trying to find his owner. His owner had left him in a park all alone. The mouse didn't know if it was on purpose or by accident. Because of the size of the mouse and the fact that he was a mouse, the mouse was always in a disguise. If he didn't wear any disguise a normal person might get scared and step on him.

Chapter 2:The mouse had found some friends at the park he was dropped off at. His friends where a bird named Beck, a turtle named Shelby, a cat named George, and a fish named Ollie. They had been left in the park all alone for over 3 years. Shelby and Beck had known each other for over 3 years since they came from the same owner. Their story was that the owner was moving in a new house and the house that they where moving into didn't allow pets of any kind. So the owner had no choice but to leave them all alone in a wide open park. Both Beck and Shelby started cry because they didn't want to re-live that time of their life. Originally that what the owners had said and planned to do but then something else happened.

Chapter 3: Shelby, Beck, George, and Ollie had been friends for a while now and they decided to name the little mouse. The name they chose was Quilburt. Little did the friends know but the mouse had already had a name and it was Tom. When Quilburt asked the 4 where they had got the name and they said that they once had 2 other friends which were a dog and a snake. The snakes names was Quillie and the dogs name was Burt. Eventually the snake died and the dog was found by the pound and was returned back to his owner. George started crying because he and the dog had a very strong bond and everything got torn apart. No one really liked Quillie though. Then Quilburt asked why they all where in the park in the first place. They pretty much all had the same story.

Chapter 4: Beck said that after his and Shelby's owner dropped them of at the park he flew back to the house. His owner was very abusive so he just decided to fly out of the window in the middle of the night. He said that they never fed him, and one day they forgot to close his cage when the window was open so he just flew right out. Ollie said he was sleeping one day in his tank and the owners thought he was dead so they just flushed him down the toilet into the sewer and he swam through the pipes into a big pond in which he still lives in to this day. George said that he found a way out of his adoption center he was placed in and just started living as a stray ever since. Shelby said that he was just dropped off at the park along with Beck and he had just stayed there ever since.

Chapter 5: Then Beck, Ollie, George, and Shelby asked why Quilburt was in the park alone. Quilburt said that his owner had left him in the park in a little box and he didn't know if it was on purpose or by accident. Then George said "Aw, that's to bad kid. Do you know where they live?" "Yeah, they live about a block away from here and when you see the day care you just take a right," said Quilburt. "Then why you don't go to them," asked a strange cricket listening near by. "Um, one question. who are you and how long have you been listening to us," asked Shelby. "I heard the whole thing and now I know all you story's," said the cricket.

Chapter 6: The cricket had a very strong southern accent so it was kind of hard for him to speak fluent English. "So stop starring at me and go to them!!! Go!!, "said the cricket. Ollie, George, Beck, Shelby and Quilburt looked at each other and then Beck said, "Well he has a good point, lets go on a adventure!" Off they went, just like that they were gone. "Can I come too?!", questioned the cricket. "Noooo!!'', they all yelled at the same time. " Ok, ok, fine, go do your adventure thing!", yelled the cricket. So the five of them went down the block to the dare care and took a right. At this point Quilburt had to lead the way because he was they only one who knew what his house looked like.

Chapter 7: As they approached the house Quilburt was getting flashbacks of his time inside of it. He could remember all of his times with his owner. All of the songs they sang, all of the delicious treats and food they fed him. Quilburt started to tear up. "Why do you look like your about to cry Quilburt?," said Shelby. "It's just that the cheese snacks they gave me were so good!!!, " whined Quilburt. "Oh my god! Really, there are way more important things to cry about now rather than cheese snacks, such as the fact that I don't know maybe that your homeless!!!, " screamed Ollie. "Yah, I guess your right," said Quilburt.

Chapter 8: The five walked up to the door and politely knocked on it. The same big man came to the door as before Quilburt met his friends. He said, "Oh, well what do we have here?" A small boy ran to the door to see what all the fuss was about. " Why are there animals at our door dad?," said the boy. "I'm not sure my boy. Someone must have left them here on our doorstep. Well lets see here we have a bird, a turtle, a cat, a fish, and a.....mouse, " said the man. "Hey! That's my mouse, remember when we took him for a walk and I lost him near the old wooden bench!" said the boy. "I still have his cage can we keep him?!,"yelled the boy in excitement."Well I mean if he's yours why not! But if we keep him we can't just leave these other guy's alone on the streets," said the man. "Well can we keep them too?," asked the boy. "Only if your a god boy from now on," said the man. They brought all the pets inside and got them all settled in. From there on out they all lived a long happy life. THE END!!!
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