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In the 25th century, we lost mother Earth and we've been enslaved by a higher civilization

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In the 21st century, we were always wondering what it would be living outside space. We made it happened around the early 22nd century. We colonized Mars, and then built cities on it. But, we did not stop just there. The next century, we finally developed a new spaceship engine that can travel almost as fast as light, we called it Alcubierre drive to commemorate Miguel Alcubierre. We made the 21st century's space movies came to life, with this drive, humans would no longer stuck in the solar system. However, the nearest terrestrial planet Proxima Centauri b located in Centaurus that was 4.2 light years away from earth, even we had Alcubierre drive it was not possible to colonize this planet. This difficulty did not trap us for a long time, within 20 years, we improved Alcubierre drive, now it could travel 10 times faster than light, and we called it Lv2 Alcubierre drive. After another 30 years, we succeeded colonized Proxima Centauri b; this was the first colonized planet outside the solar system. The next, we kept going, we developed lv3, 4, 5 and 6 Alcubierre drive in the 23rd century, and colonized other two planets that located in 1,120 light years away Lyra, Kepler-442b, and Kepler 438b. In the 2335 New Year, humans united together, no more countries and no more divergence, we were the whole. In 2335, we could provide to say we enter the Space Age.

Things were all on track and went to good directions; the scientists forecasted that in the next 50 years, a human could starting a new chapter by out of the galaxy and entered to another galaxy of Virgo Supercluster. We did it, but we were forced to do it.

In 2409, we celebrated our first Galactic spaceship Yuri blasted off from mother earth. Yuri was a Supercluster class spaceship that has lv 7 warp factor engine that can travel 656.13 times faster than light. However, this happiness did not last long, a few years later, someone found us, an alien, a new wisdom of life.

They called themselves as Zerger, a giant insect looking creature. We had no idea where they came from, why they came here, what they wanted and how can they space travel. All these years, we had to keep sent message to the universe, but we got none of the reply. Thus, Zerger suddenly appeared shocked us. We hoped they came for peace, but that did not happen. Zerger were space locusts; they will drain out a planet resource and moved to the next one. We tried to fight back, but they had more developed technology, more powerful fleet and weapons. Our fleets and weapons were like toys compare to theirs. In 5 years, we lost all colonized planets outside the solar system, and 10 more years later, Zergers captured our mother planet, Earth.

Crisis motivated our potential, within these 15 years, we built more than 10,000 Yuri class spaceships that can carry out 40% of the earth population. We called this fleet Noah, the last hope of the human race. Noah carried our children, our culture, our hope and everything left earth and entered to Virgo Supercluster trying to find a new planet that can replace earth to continue our civilization.

It was not easy, we became space vagrants, nowhere to land and nowhere to go. At this time, a friendly alien adopted us; they called themselves Czochralski. This higher civilization located in Hydra Cluster, which has 158 million light years away from Virgo Supercluster, with our technology, we could never reach to them. Thus they sent their fleets to us and helped us going to their galaxy, NGC 3309, which is Traxex galaxy. We had no choice but to abandoned Noah fleet and boarded to their fleet.

Czochralski was truly friendly at the first time, they gave us a small planet near their galaxy to live, and gave human race giant independent. But to return, we must help them to gather resources, from universe. We have appreciated their kindness. We thought we could have a new beginning with this friendly neighbor, and we even named this small planet Gaia, the mother earth.

Most of mineral were in the asteroid belt, at that time human race just lost everything, we did not have mining drones helping us to collect mineral, thus we have to drive the mining ship to the asteroid belt to collet ourselves. The words could not describe how dangerous flying inside asteroid belt, many miners dead, and we barely collect enough mineral for Czochralski. We knew we had enslaved, but we do not have any another choices, we did not have fleet to escape, or enough resource to colonize another planet. That was second time humans felt despair, until we found a new metal, the metal which saved us from slavery.

Finding this new metal was an accident, which we called a miracle. During that dark time, we needed to work hard to repay Czochralski, everyone need to work, from age 16 to 170. We were also short of mineral to build full-automatic factories to purify the minerals we collect from space, thus we need a lot of labors to work just like 19th century.

The most important metal we purified was hafnium, it was a strong metal that had highest melting point and strong resident against corrosion, especially hafnium alloy, the melting point as high as 4215 C, it was the best alloy to build spaceship and laser weapons. When we purified hafnium by heat, we found out there was some black impurities in the liquid hafnium, the melting point of hafnium was 2233 C, the highest melting point that we have ever found in metal. It was strange, but at first no one play attention about it, until one day a labor who was a great materials scientists discovered this impurity's special.

The impurity was a mystery metal with higher melting point that hafnium and better residence to corrosion. In fact in was the hardest metal in the Laniakea, which is a supercluster that Virgo Supercluster and Hydra Cluster just a small part of it. However, that was not all, the most important advantage of this metal was it was alive. This metal was a produce of microflora to against the extreme environment of space, like the 4th cell wall for those microflora, like the ancient sever wonders, The Great Wall, when this metal layer got damaged, it would send a signal to the microflora inside, and the microflora would active and reproduce this metal layer to replace the damaged area. We did not understand how those microflora did this, which class or family they belonged, but with this new metal, biowall, we got the key to open a new era.

We started to study this metal secretly to develop our fleet and weapon, hope one day that we could free and found a way to fight our freedom. To keep this secrete, we built our shipyard 5 miles underground a normal city and started to build our navy. Czochralski did not notice at all, at that time they probably thought we were never a threat to them, and they could order us to do whatever they want.

When they noticed, it was too late, after almost a century working and studying, our first fleet born; we call it Nemesis, the goodness of revenge. Nemesis fleet made up of one battleship, five cruisers, twenty-one destroyers, and one point five hundred frigates. It was not the biggest fleet in our history, but it was the strongest. All the ships' hull and armor were made with biowall, and the shields were crystal energy which we found out in a nebula. The weapons were also the most developed that we stole from Czochralski at first and improved by our own. This was the first time we beat Czochralski in technology.

With Nemesis, Czochralski first felt the threat that came from us, they asked us to dismiss the fleet and gave them to research. We refused. We said 'no' to them.

Czochralski got angry, they probably never thought a lower civilization could reject their will. They wanted to teach us a lesson by sending their fleet to attack us. Their fleet was decade times bigger than Nemesis, and it was only one of their many fleets.

Czochralski might never think they would lose, and lost that terrible. Both they and we lost half of the fleet, but they lost more than thousands of ships. The new metal biowall had much more power that no one expected.

The power of biowall shocked not just us but also Czochralski; they saw what this metal could do. They were desperate for Nemesis. They wanted to know every single detail about her. However, when Czochralski sent more fleets, someone involved. They were other aliens that in the same alliance, United Laniakea, with Czochralski. They have been watching us for a long time. At first, they did not realize how powerful biowall metal could be, but then they saw, and they wanted it too. They did not want Czochralski monopolized this metal. Thus they decided to involve.

With their alliance members stepped in, Czochralski could no longer enslaving us, and we could make a deal with anyone we wanted in this alliance.

United Laniakea emancipated us from Czochralski, however, we still needed to pay 'rent' to Czochralski for living in their galaxy, but tomorrow would be another day.

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