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Have you ever wondered what we may not want to believe.
You've imagined this beautiful world. This idealistic view on how things portray themselves before you. Idolizing the creatures before you, calling themselves passions. The very idea of what things are meant to be, look, feel and sound. In further realizing that what you see before you, is the exact opposite. The pure blue sky, has been ridden with pink, purple and orange. The love you've cherished for many years has been bestowed before you, forming itself as mere ruse. Showing you what you captured through fictional books and movies. Was all but a lie. It was the truth found underneath the grain. The character you beloved between scenes. Not the realistic version of what truly is.

The version you never wanted to believe existed.

You counted your steps. You managed your time. You acknowledged your surroundings. But never the less, what was there, was not what was meant. Capturing the thought of such a beautiful memoir was to never be compared to how ugly the story behind it was. The truth hurts. The scenes they forget to show you between someone being happy and devastated, came at two different times. Never at once though. They never show you what it's like to be overly joyed, yet completely destroyed at the same time. They want you to believe you can never be both. They have created a world where neither is either. The complexity of who you are supposed to be, opposed to who you want to be. Can be demonstrated with two words;

Destruction or Maintenance.

Do you deprive your peers of what gratitude you have towards your accomplishments. Or do you keep your solitude to a minimum. Showing gratefulness is known as a sign of weakness. Being seen as appreciative means you were given what you have. You never earned it. You basically inherited what you are showing to the public.
Keeping a distance, a fine line, between giving them something to judge or letting them create your story for you. Never relieving to much or to little information. Braving the entirety of what its fiction or non. You simply follow through with was is or not said. Knowing the depths someone has endured to make believe your decisions or the circumstances of your misguided plans.

You simply just want to have the upper hand on your life, your control of a situation without someone falling close behind with an unrealistic view on what really happened. You grow tirelessly of having to correct the information to a severity of outsiders. Finally, you give in and let them walk around mindlessly believing they know the extraordinary details of what never truly happened. It's a wild world out there. We are prey, they are dominance. There will never be a right side. There will never be a wrong. Everyone is entitled to the version they were given. Soon, we just have to let go. Let be, what we know we can no longer contain. Inflicting each other with the multitude of disgrace as we try to balance each group into one of its own. It will soon fail though. We can not contain what is before us. We can not stop who is before us. They will always be one ahead. We will serve by their feet. The magnitude of our desires will always be destroyed by the triumphalist. We are mere servants. Our lives are meaningless beyond our view of this beautiful world we thought to never be over powered. Yet again, we believed the stars were closer than they actually are.

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