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by leenu
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"There is a hope that is waiting for you in the dark.You should know you are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are". These are lines from one of my favorite songs and each time i play it i feel so lively and it lights a spark in me to keep my head high. There are people in this world , they might be your friends too who may not really show it to your face but they somewhere ,sometimes feel inferior because they think they are not as pretty as you, not as perfect as you. Everyone is imperfect in some way or the other but the world in which we reside ,perfection is measured in terms of beauty.Some are short, some are dark, some have big heads, some have big nose and blah blah. Who defined the perfect size of nose or head or whatever, we are the ones who did this. Come out of this bubble. If you are not ready to accept your flaws, you can't stay happy. Why do we want to be someone else? Let's just be the way we are. Let's just be our own kind of perfect. Kick away all your insecurities and crush all the negative criticism under your shoes. We've got every right to a beautiful life like every other person. We are all humans and are all at par in terms of rights so nobody here has the right to judge or criticize us. Ain't nobody a boss here, we set our own standards and we lead our life in our own way.I was a short,dark , unsightly person with very low self esteem.Till a certain age ,I was burdened under my inferiority complex. I used to seclude myself and spent time only with myself. These bars around me not only kept me away from others but also emitted repulsive rays out. I turned into an arrogant person with no real friends. Then fortunately there was a turning point in my life, I realized that god has not granted me this beautiful life to waste it. I looked out and saw how people giggle, chatter, meander around and fancy each and every moment of their lives.Now I am short, dark, sightly (due to my smile) person with pretty good self esteem. I won't say I have crossed the finishing line but i am close to it now. Stop worrying about how you look like physically but focus on how you make your life look like. Do something big in life, earn respect, become successful and then rest everything just chases you. Internal beauty and your success defines who you are and not your beauty. Sweat over and climb up to your dream. I don't deny the fact that people who are popular and noticed are way more confident than we are. We have to turn all this to dust and reach a notch higher. Summing up with these beautiful lines from the song,
"She don't see her perfect,she don't understand she is worth it
Or that beauty goes deeper than the surface
So to all the girls that hurting
Let me be your mirror, help you see a little bit clearer
The light that shines within"

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