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Rated: E · Fiction · Pets · #2110356
Two criminals hiding from the world
Bonnie and Clyde

Outlaws, criminals, vandals, they had been called many things but good was not one of them. They’re knack for getting in trouble was gaining notoriety. Not a day went by that didn’t put them at odds with someone. If they kept it up, it was clearly understood, their days would be numbered.

Bonnie went to the window and carefully, from behind the curtain, stared out. Her eyes would darted furtively at anything moving. She searched the yard and the neighborhood beyond. She watched for the longest time. Between each tree, behind each bush, at the corner of every house, someone could be coming. There were no suspicious movements, nothing to be seen, the neighbors had all left for work. Deserted for now, no one walked the streets. What she was thinking no one could know. Her lips remained sealed in silence.

Clyde came up next to her and peered out as well. Seeing nothing to worry about, he left without saying anything. He was hungry; he went to look for something to eat.

Bonnie eventually left the window as well. She was bored. They hadn’t had any excitement for days. She found Clyde stuffing himself and shoved him out of the way to get her share. Clyde, indignant at her bullying behavior, turned away and left the room.

Clyde had been up most of the night. He sat in the basement chair and yawned. Minutes later, in modest comfort, he fell asleep. An hour later Bonnie came downstairs and eyed the sleeping Clyde. She was feeling both bored and playful. Bonnie moved quietly to the chair and gave Clyde a sharp slap. Clyde, now startled and angry, felt retaliatory and immediately jumped out of the chair to respond to her challenge. Bonnie ran to the next room with Clyde in hot pursuit.

Clyde caught Bonnie easily, and the two wrestled, knocking down everything in the room. Bonnie slipped out of Clyde’s grasp and ran upstairs. Clyde again chased after her. Caught, once again, Bonnie did everything she could think of to ward off Clyde’s aggressive response. Tables toppled and vases broke. Later, the two sat out of breath, quietly recovering from the turmoil of the match. Neither had won and both were exhausted. They looked at each other with pensive stares, in silence.

Suddenly, fear gripped them; they both were attentive to the sounds. The rustling lock, the turning doorknob, someone was surely coming through the door. They ran to the back of the house in cautious anticipation of who was invading their hideout. They were ready to defend themselves, but escape as well, if need be.

Yes! They were flooded with relief. Fortunately, it was who they expected; no one else would have been tolerated. Joy came across their minds, for as silent as they had been all day, they couldn’t help but burst out in sheer delight. Purrs and trickling meows filled the air. Both cats, circling the feet of the intruder, as they rubbed against his legs, were ecstatic that their owner was finally home again. “And what trouble have you gotten into today, may I ask?” he said to them.

Bonnie and Clyde are rescued cats, brother and sister, that have been with us over a five years now. Originally I gave them their names, only as a joke. Well, turns out they’re very appropriately named. The joke’s on me.

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