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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2110359
Trophies can have the right to live too...
The students were gone, the trophies excited. They knew they weren't supposed to jitter so much in the big glass case, but it was free night. Their capsules rattled; much like a toy in a box. The janitor was the last to leave the school building, but he was still mucking about with that stupid broom on the floor, in accordance to the trophies.

As the janitor, Mr. Miles, danced around awkwardly in inside of P. Brown High School, tthe trophies grimaced inside of their shells. "La-dee-pum-pa! Laaaaa, DEEEeeeee!", is what he sang with that smooth voice of his; he was singing "If I was a Rich Man" from a "Fiddler on the Roof" production. The trophies may have winced multiple times at his poor dancing, but they all agreed that he was the best singer in the whole school, school-kids choir or no.

As soon as Mr. Miles had gone, the shells around the trophies shattered, but soon disappeared into thin air, as they always did. The trophies were ecstatic! Every night, they released themselves out of they called their "Day-Cage" and wreaked havoc across the school. But they of course cleaned and replaced everything because they were saddened to find the children did not take as much excitement in the en-wreakenment of their classrooms. They weren't bad enchanted trophies, just trophies with a little bit of spunk added to their charming emotional traits...

~Chapter 2 coming soon! Please review mainly on the story itself, and not the spelling or "make-up" of new words; I edited to my best quality, and did what I could to make it exciting. Thank you so much! *InLove* *Delight*~
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