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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2110362
The adventure of our friends the High School trophies.....
As the trophies had busted out of their beautiful glass case, they now roamed the halls of the educated and well-mannered school of the ages. One of the more regal looking trophies started strutting down the hallways like a peacock, while one of the more scuffed up ones started towards one of the disheveled classrooms and started destroying it, but still cleaning as she went.

As this more regal looking trophy roamed the halls, he thought he saw a real troll in the school. "Oh, no" he whispered to the air. "That can't possibly be.... be.. a... be a troll, can it?" He was scared out his wits; he knew he couldn't run, the troll would see him! It wasn't like he could fight the creature because all he had was the clothes on back. Furthermore, the plain fact that he was porcelain wasn't helping either.

What was this dumb, stupid creature looking for? Our friend the regal will never find out, and only because he is not the main creature in this spectacular chapter. No he did not die, rather, he has a scar on his right earlobe from this experience of seeing a troll up close.

As our regal was pondering the question above, he peeped around the corner of which his feet had stationed him. Before he could retaliate to the full view of this disgusting troll, an arrow whizzed right by the right side of his head, nicking his ear. "SPAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Mr. Brady Thompson: Best Athlete of the Year Award squawked. The Best Safety "Spouse" decorations from inside the glass case were squeaking behind the MBT:BAYAwards, "Wait! You should put those scissors down, you could slice you head open! Don't run with...!"

~What do you think happens next? Do they get eaten by the troll?? You decide in the comments!~
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