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by LycanZ
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In the 25th century, we lost mother Earth and we've been enslaved by a higher civilization
Ch.2 Untold Truth

The dawn has arrived, it was the bright white light not like the sunlight warm and orange. Station Sirius did not revolve; we built an artificial sun seated on Sirius' orbit and let this sun revolved around Sirius so we Sirius could has day and night. We could be "proud" to say that we played the role of god, 'let there be light.'

When Chris woke up, it was already noon. Linda left home for work; she prepared lunch on the table which has a diaphanous shield to cover the food and would auto-heat when it cold.

Once Chris' groggy went away, he got a message from Linda that there was an emergency she has to go to the hospital to work. She did not know how long this would take, but if she back around 3 P.M and she would like still go to the Hero's Memorial with Chris.

Now the days, leave a message was much simpler than the old time. The chip that inside Chris' shoulder would receive message signal translating it to bioelectricity and this bioelectricity would excite nerve cores, then nerve cores would sent chemical signal to the brain, and in there the chemical signal would translate to the real message. It sounded a little complicated, but with this way, people would never forget to check their messages and saved a lot of resources. If Chris wanted to send a message back to Linda, the only thing he needed to do was thinking in his mind, and this message will be translated to chemical signal would send to the chip by nerve cores, and in the chip, it would translate to radio wave sending to Linda's chip. This technique was invented in the 23rd century and shut down all the mobile business in the late 23rd century. However, this communication has one disadvantage, which was it could only travel nearly fast than light, so it could not communicate between two people who were living in different stations or galaxy.

Chris got Linda's message; he did not mind to wait for a while, after out from a clean machine, he started to have an amazing lunch. He opened the TV which was also the French window in the dinning room. The news was boring, but it was better than nothing. When Chris at working space port, he could only receive the old news, like years old.

"Welcome to station Sirius, hope you have a wonderful day." A spaceship berthed spaceship at Sirius' dock just other normal spaceships. However, when the people who in the spaceship started to disembark, others felt something different. Even these people wore nothing different with others, but their manners told a different story.

"Sir, we arrived station, Sirius." A guy from that group told to a person who in the middle.

"Just call my name in here, solder, we do not want to any attentions."

"Yes, si...Mr. Charles."

"Ok, everyone listens, our goal is to find Captain Ares before them did, and this should be a scare, we do not want anyone besides us know. You understand?" Mr. Charles said.

"Yes, Mr. Charles." Others got the order and left to do their job.

"Mr. Charles, do you think capital is really in this station?" All the people left, except one, she was Mr. Charles' secondary, Laura.

"I do not know Laura, but we got his iris message, we could not just ignore that message. I will search this station upside down to find him if he is here." Mr. Charles put on his e-cigarette and took a deep smoking. Even in now, cigarette and drinks were still popular in the human race. The e-cigarette glued on his lips, the shadows covered his eyes, but Laura could feel his sadness.

"Yes, Mr. Charles, we will find our capital." Laura comforted Mr. Charles. She did not know capital will be on this station or not; the signal was a just moment, even it flashed a few times.

"I hope so Laura." Mr. Charles voice was deep and soft, like a whisper talking to himself.
There were four search devices on each side of the station. They were the latest, each of them would send quadrillions of picometre which is 10-12 meter drones covered all the station. These drones were too small thus it could get inside of human body by pore or breathing, once they inside of human body, they would be active to find the nearest cell and get inside of cell by simple transport, and then they would entre nucleus by nucleus pore and read people's DNA message, finally it would send this message to the device. There drones were harmless for people, once their energy ran out, they would out cell and digested by people's immunity system macrophages.

Due to these drones could not recycle, every time active this device it would cost millions of money. If it was not an emergency, no one wanted to use it. Mr. Charles was pretty sure the normal way could not find Ares if he truly wanted to hide, and he has the best assistant, his wife, Ms. Simon.

It would be such a surprise that Ares might still alive, especially for Mr. Charles who saw Ares died by his own eyes and buried him by his own hands. There was no doubt for Mr. Charles. But, there was one suspect, during Ares' funeral, his wife, Ms. Simon did not show up. At that time Mr. Charles just thought it all happened too fast, thus she did not want to accept it. However, not only did she not show up at the funeral, but she also disappeared a few day later. No one knew where she went. Now, when Mr. Charles rethought about it, it was so strange.

No one could cheat the death, but there was one person who could fool it, Ms.Simon who may has the power to arise the death. Ms. Simon was a doctor, an intelligent doctor saved many lives, she also own a lab, a lab that clone her patients' organs in case they need to organ transplantation. What if Ms. Simon cloned... Mr. Charles did not want to think more, that was totally illegal, but in his heart he had a strong feeling that they would find Ares in station Sirius, alive Ares, and this feeling was keep growing.

The picometre drones needed some time to cover up all the station, like couple hours, Mr. Charles wanted to go to the Hero's Memorial to see Ares again; he had not seen Ares since he dead, even just a photo. Actually, he hid all the photos himself, and went to stay with Ares' former armies at Galaxy border.

When Ares died in his hands, he felt his whole world fall apart. He still remembered that day, 25 years ago, February 21st. At that day, Ares got a message from higher that ask him back to Gaea immediately.

Ares did not have a good relationship with those selfish politicians, in fact, Ares hated them, and so do they. Ares thought that with the help of United Laniakea and strongest fleet Nemesis, it was about time to take our home Earth back. However, those politicians did not think so, with all the money that biowall metal made, they could have a high quality and enjoyable life. Thus they had no interesting to fight with Zergers and took our home back.

"It was already too late, Ares, the Earth's resource probably already drain out by those Zergers." That was these politicians said to Ares during the last meeting.

"It was not too late! We have proof that the Earth's resource did not run out and..." Ares did not finish his sentence, they spoke again, "Look Ares, those just some data that we did not even know they were true or not, and even the Earth's resource did not drain out by Zergers, it would cost a lot of lives to take it back and take a lot of funding to recover Earth, I am so sorry Ares, but we already discussed, we will not back to the solar system."

"You just a bunch of cowards, selfish cowards! The people will know the truth; you can hide it no more." That was the last sentence Ares spoke to those politicians.

That day, Mr. Charles suggested coming to Gaea with Ares, he was Ares' secondary, his right-hand man, and he thought he could help Ares during the meeting with those politicians. That was his biggest mistake, he never thought because of him, Ares would die in that travel, and he never thought about those politicians dared to put a boom inside Ares' spaceship.

They said they just wanted to give Ares a lesson; he had more than enough time to go to escape compartment and safely got off from that spaceship. However, there was only one escape compartment in that spaceship, and two people in it. Ares made this decision, he knocked Mr. Charles out and put him into the only one escape compartment saved his life.

Mr. Charles felt he owned Ares his life, if that day he did not insist coming with Ares, Ares might not be dead. Mr. Charles felt he was also a part of murder Ares and have keeping blamed himself for all these years.

When Mr. Charles arrived at Hero's Memorial, it was already 4 P.M. Not many people in the Memorial. Each of Memorial held all the heroes sculptures of human civilization by time, the end of the Memorial was a giant sculpture of Ares Simon. This was Mr. Charles first saw Ares in 25 years, all the memories flashed back in his head, from they first met to the last time he saw Ares on that spaceship.

There were a lot of different kinds of flowers under Ares' sculpture; some were plastic, digit, and more real flowers. Even the real flowers were expensive, but people still wanted their hero has the best.

A footstep sounded behind Mr. Charles and Laura; another citizen came to pray for their hero.

"Mr. Charles, the drones have covered all station, Sirius." Mr. Charles got a call from one of his man.

"Active all the receptors to find Ares!" He replied in his mind, and his chip sent this message to all his team member.

Suddenly, there was something dropped behind Mr. Charles, he heard it and turned back to see what was going on. Then, he saw a familiar face, the face that he has not been seen for 25 years. At the same time, the receptor on his wrist started to make a hurried beep sounds in his head and sent the data directly to his head.

"You! You are!" Laura was speechless; she could not even finish her sentence and believe what she saw in front of her, the same face that has not changed in 25 years!

"Hello, Adair. Hello, Laura." Her voice was peace and slow, just like greeting some friends that have not seen each other for a long time.

"Ms. Simon! Linda Simon!" Adair scared out! The person stood in front of him was Ares' wife, Linda Simon! He could not believe that he would see her in here. Since Ms. Simon was here did this mean...

"Hey mom, sorry I spent a little long in the bathroom." A young man ran to Linda. Adair recognized that voice, the same voice on that spaceship that told him, "Lead our people home, Adair!"

Ares Simon! Meanwhile, the receptor sent the an information to Adair' brain, '3ft away, Ares Simon's DNA detected.'

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