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In the 25th century, we lost mother Earth and we've been enslaved by a higher civilization
Ch. 3 Upside down world

"Oh my god! Is that real you!" Adair went crazy; he could not believe what he just saw, even he already had this strong feeling that he would see Ares alive when he saw Linda. But the feeling was just feeling, to see Ares stood in front of him, it was incredible.

Ares did not change at all. Actually, he looked younger than before, and that 'mom' shocked Adair, he immediately knew that Linda was broken the law which was the most wonderful thing happened so far.

"Who are you? Do you guys know my mom?" Chris got confused; he swore that he never saw these people in his entire life, why did they act so shock when they saw him like they have been knowing for a long time.

"This day finally comes," Linda signed, she wished this day may never come, but it was impossible,
"I am glad it is you, Adair, you find us first."

"Find what? Who are those people, mom?" Chris got a little impatience; he felt there was a big secret that he did not know, and he did not know his when his mom made those new 'friends.'

"You knew I would come?" Adair asked.

"I do not know, but even if you did not, I would send him back to you. I do not want others to find him first." Linda's voice was slow and calm; no emotion changed at all.

"I am glad I find you first, I cannot image what will happen if they find you first." Adair looked at Linda and said something Chris completely did not understand.

"If you are here, then they knew it too, we do not have too much, let's go." Linda said and turned to Chris, "I will explain to you when we are safe."

'Safe? Safe for what? Who are those people? Do they know me? What the hell is happening?' All these questions ran in Chris' head; they were driving him nuts.

But when the thing real drove Chris crazy, was when Linda said to him your real name was Ares Simon.

It was like someone belted him with a sledgehammer on his head, for that moment, he felt nothing, and his head was empty.

"Is this a joke right?" Chris panicked, he eager for the answer, but he did not feel he would get the answer he wanted when he saw Linda's dignified face. It was no joke, Linda did not answer, but her face explained everything.

"You are Ares Simon, the hero of us, the hope of us and the capital of Nemesis," Adair said to Chris; he knew it would be hard for a clone to accept what they were really are, what was why it was illegal to clone people.

"No, I am not! Stop lying!" Chris jumped out from the chair, Adair's sentence lighted up Chris' fire and led him to explode.

"That was true, you are Ares Simon, and he is your secondary Adair Charles." Linda slowly opened her lips and told the truth.

"No way! If I am Ares Simon, then who are you?" Chris still did not believe it; he looked at Linda scarily like looking at a monster.

"I know it would hard for you, Ar... Chris, I am Linda Simon, your wife."

"No! No! No!" Chris went insane completely, "You gave me the birth, you raise me up, you are my mother, and now this?"

"You are a clone of Ares. Even I gave you the birth, but your genes come from your real parent xxx Simon and xxx Simon, we do not share the bloodline. I know it hard for you, thus, you do not need to decide right now, just take your time." Linda looked at Chris; she knew how hard it could be for him to accept all these things. It was like his whole life was fake, all the thing we knew were fake. Even Linda did not know what Chris should be, her son or her husband whom she loved for almost half of century.

It was an awkward moment, all silence; no one was talking. Neither one of them knew how to break the ice, especially, this was an iceberg. Chris needed this quiet moment to clean up his mind; he felt like there were too much for him to handle. First was he was actually Ares Simon himself, and then his mother was not really his mom, she was Linda Simon, the lady Ares Simon married for a half century. What was him, what about him, who is him? Suddenly Chris had no answer for those simple questions now.

"Sir, we got the signal from the government spaceship, we think they are here now." A message sent to Adair, it was kind of emergence they need to take off now before that spaceship landed.

"They are coming; there is no time for us, let's go to the base and then we could solve this problem." Adair gave this message to Linda and Chris, sending them to the seat to buckle up.

Solving problem, how? Chris got a little angry about what Adair just said, he did not know why, but he felt this anger was growing inside of him, and he could not find a way to vent.

When Chris tried to find a seat to buckle up, Adair stopped him and led him to the capital seat, said, "This is your seat, capital."

"Don't do not call me capital." The vessel pumped out on Chris' face, he felt extreme offended, he is not Ares, and he would never be.

Adair knew it would take a long time for Chris to accept his old identity, but he need to accept it soon, if the government did not find Ares on station Sirius they will soon know they got him already and then they would make their move. Time was ticking; there was not much left for them. Adair pushed Chris into the seat and quickly buckled him up, Adair felt strange, if Chris was real Ares there was no chance for him to push Ares into the seat; Ares was strong and muscle, unlike Chris just an average body.

"Do not move; we are about to take off." Adair warmed Chris. Chris pissed off, but he knew how dangerous to unbuckle when a spaceship about to take off. The soft leather chair made him uncomfortable as he sat on some pins and needles.

The cockpit was quiet for the entire time, everyone in the cockpit had something in their heads. 'Is that Capital Ares? How he survived? Why he seems did not remember all this? What happened all these years?' All these questions in these people's minds were bothering them testing their professional quality.

A few minutes traveling seemed extremely long this time, but they finally were there, a large military space station, Rhamnous, the home of goodness Nemesis. It was the largest naval base in this galaxy, had more than 400 thousands solders, three dockyards, and five well-developed biome systems. This space station was a secret, inside of the most dangerous asteroid belt of this galaxy, with thousands of defeat towers which hid inside of asteroids.

The dock was busy, busier than Station Sirius, but when Chris and Linda went out, the whole dock silenced. All the soldiers stopped what they were doing; they could not believe who just out of the spaceship, it was their capital and his wife. After 25 years, Ares Simon, the legion back the Rhamnous again! "Welcome back Capital!" All the soldiers stood strong saluting to Chris, congratulated loudly to their capital cured and welcome him back.

Chris shocked, he never knew how it felt when thousands of peoples were saluting and welcome to you till now. He could felt exciting, and passion in the air, and he swore he even saw some soldier cried. Chris now know why Adair insisted that he and Linda went first, he knew this would happen, and he tried to push him to do the decision.

Chris now had two choices; he could break all these soldiers' dream by saying that he was not Ares Simon, he just Ares Simon's son. Every one would believe him, he looked exactly like Ares, and in some way, he was telling the truth. Or Chris could take this responsibility on his own shoulder by salute back to those soldiers and this would tell them Ares was back.

Chris did not know how to choice, of course, he did not obliterate himself, but this would bury all people's dream. When Chris was struggling, Linda whispered him, "Just make your own decision." Linda knew how important right now, she did not want to force Chris to carry out Ares' spirit and would support whatever Chris chose, however, Chris was Ares, even he was just a clone of him, he was still the hope for all people.

Back home, back to our own galaxy was a dream in all people's mind for over centuries and it had never been this close. Ares was the light to the dark, lighted up all people's hope, there was no way back, if Chris committed, he would carry out Ares' spirit without a doubt.

Chris looked at Linda, her smile calmed him down a little. Chris took a deep breath, eyes closed, and opened his lips, "I am no..." Suddenly he passed out without finish his sentence.

All the soldiers panicky, they did not know what happened, even Linda who stood closet to Chris had no idea how Chris would pass out. Adair caught Chris before he fell on the ground, and said loudly, "As you all saw, capital revived and back to base now. But he still needed a long time to recover. Now back to your job soldiers."

"Yes, Sir!" Adair's words calmed the soldiers down, in their minds their capital already back from the coma, and he was in base the safest place now, all the things would head to the right.

"It was not your choice Adair, it was Chris', and you have no right to do this for him!" Linda got angry, she did not how Chris passed out, but it must be Adair's trick.

"He was Ares, the capital of Nemesis, Mrs. Simon, do not call him wrong." Adair looked at Linda, eyes met, "He was born to be the capital, you knew it, Mrs. Simon. Now excuse me, I need to take capital to the hospital." Adair bowed and left; he let his secondary Laura take care of Linda.

"Oh god, my head, where am I?" Chris woke up; he did not feel good, he opened his eyes and found out he was sitting in a spaceship cockpit's chair. It was on the tallest floor of the cockpit, Chris immediate realized he was on the capital seat again.

"Welcome back, my capital." Adair showed himself from dark to light and finally stood in front of Chris.

"What the heck? I am going to out of here." The final memory slowly came back to Chris; he remembered he passed out before he finished his sentence. Chris knew his health, especially Linda would give him a check every half year, he could not just pass out without any reason, he must be set up. When Chris tried to stand up, he found he could not feel his legs anymore, "What did you do to me!" Chris yelled.

"Just temporary shut down your nerve transport; you do not need to worry, I will not hurt you, Ares."

"How many time I have to tell you! I am Chris, not Ares!" Shut down his nerve transport, what the fuck, Chris got real pissed off, "Let me go, what you want from me!"

"Yes you are, you are Chris but the most important, you are Ares. I do not care if you are a clone or not, you are Ares, and this is enough for me." Adair leaned against at control panel, "Now you have two choices, one you can behave and I will respect you as real Ares, or you cannot behave, and I have to shut down your nerve system and speak for you. It is all your call." Adair looked at Chris with his cold eyes. Those eyes were like ice, frozen Chris' breath, Chris knew there was no way Adair would let him go, he had to work with him.

"What should I do?" Chris opened his lips hard; his voice was down also his head.

"You made a good choice Ares; now we need to put you in the air and let all the people know you are back before those basters." Adair smiled, he did not have a hundred present sure that Chris would work with him, but he knew, in the end, he could make this happen in many ways.

"I will give you your old uniform, and prepare the letter you are going to read for the media session tonight." Adair paused a while; he must send some order to his guys, then he continued, "and welcome back capital." Once his sentence finished, Chris could felt his legs again; it seemed like Adair acted Chris' nerve transport again.

'Capital.' Chris laughed silently, "Where am I? Where is my mom?" Chris asked.

"Oh, my bad, you are in the Phantom's cockpit, one of a battleship of Nemesis, the command ship for all fleet. And Mrs. Simon is you wife, do not call her wrong in public."

Battleship Phantom, the best spaceship that ever been built, Ares used to use this battleship defeated nearly a hundred Czochralski's spaceship. It was a legend itself. However, Chris did not have the mood to appreciate this battleship; all his focus were about tonight's media session.

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